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Basically, the term arthritis means a condition which affects the knees that can subsequently result into a joint pain or stiffness in particular some of the body. Usually, arthritis affects an individual in very many different ways. There are very many types of arthritis which can cause damage to your bones, joints or even the skin.

Rheumatoid arthritis is different from other forms of arthritis, such as gouty arthritis and osteoarthritis. People having RA also complain about stiffness of joints, swelling of joints and tenderness of joints. They feel warm around the joint areas. Pain is felt in body symmetrically. For instance, if the patient feels pain in the right knee he’ll also feel pain in left knee. Some other symptoms involve formation of lumps under the skin and the patient feels pain. This type of disease can cause space in joints which is referred to as rheumatoid nodules. Many patients also suffer from anemia, deformity of hands, ulna deviation, swan neck, and increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

Once your cartilage is worn out, usually a sensation of crunching or grinding is sensed in your knee joint. This is then associated with bone grinding against bone. This can then result into a cracking or clicking noise, when you move your knee joint.

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As there is usually pain on the inside portion of the knee, during none of the activity that is involving the knee, the motion range is normally limited. This will result in an individual experiencing difficulty during strengthening and bending the leg.

Stiffness being noticed in the knee joint area when you wake up from bed is the very first symptom of the knee arthritis. However, during the day time there can be some considerable amounts of improvements.

This is where there is swelling, tenderness or some redness around the knee region. The swollen knee is usually puffy to touch.

These exercises are useful in increasing the flexibility of your body and also in relieving the stiffness of your joints. However, the exercise duration routine should be decided by your doctor.

These are just only a few examples of symptoms and exercises of knee arthritis. It essential that you try these exercises at home only once you have consulted a therapist.