Knee Arthritis Symptoms Of Thumb

Is one of your thumbs sticking out like one with thumb joint pain? This is actually more frequent than you might think. Typically, the cause is arthritis of the thumbs. Here are some facts about this disorder.

The first symptom is aches at the thumbs’ base. When you feel tenderness here when grasping, lifting or squeezing, then you’d be suffering from arthritis. Not only could you feel aches when performing these actions, but you could also have difficulty doing the actions themselves (ouch!). Also, you may feel aching in this digit even when you are not using it. You could suffer from inflammation in the area within time. Typically the first finger becomes rigid and the full range of motion significantly decreases.

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The seriousness of arthritis of thumbs can vary. The seriousness of the symptoms you experience depends on how frequently you use the first finger and how serious the arthritis is. For example, if you play a racquet sport or use your thumbs a lot in the workplace, then it is likely that your situation will worsen. Still, you can learn to address the situation. For instance, when you suffer from thumb joint pain it’s advisable that you perform tasks using your other hand, to avoid putting strain on the first finger.

You can prevent arthritis of the thumbs. You can take certain steps to help prevent the formation of arthritis in your thumbs. Those who use their thumbs frequently at work are prone to suffer from it. Additionally, obesity can increase your chance of acquiring the disorder, so losing weight could consequently reduce your chance of acquiring it. While family history and aging are factors, they do not increase the risk of acquiring the arthritis.

Gout has been around for several years and is either of the oldest forms of arthritis and is basically the product of too much uric acid deposits crystals in the joints leading to gout arthritis. Therefore arthritis and joint pain to all arthritis sufferers is often mentioned by the name arthralgia.

It isn’t only the joints that can be attacked by arthritis, also the surrounding muscles, tissues and organs can be infected by arthritis. It is most like a chain reaction, arthritis can be just as far reaching as the liver, kidneys, lungs and heart.

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