Knuckle Pain No Swelling

Knuckle pain can result in a lot of discomfort and irritation. Since, most of our daily activities is based on our hands and since the knuckle is portion of our hand, disturbance in the everyday life will be observed due to knuckle pain. Hence, one should opt for the treatment of knuckle pain relief as soon as possible, or else this joint pain may tend to become chronic.

At times, knuckle pain will also be accompanied by swelling. Swelling will be observed that, if the underlying reason of knuckle pain is severe. If you experience knuckle pain and swelling together, then it will be more if you visit a doctor, as the reason behind this medical condition might be severe.

Many thousands of Britons suffer from arthritis in the hands. Roy Carter, 69, a volunteer ambulance driver from Hampshire, became one of the first to have new knuckles made from material used in the NASA space shuttle. Here, Roy tells his story to Thea Jourdan, while his surgeon explains the procedure. Before I retired nine years ago, I was a postman handling thousands of letters a day. But there came a time when I couldn’t pick up the post because my …

There are various knuckle pain causes. Let us take a look at a few commonly observed reasons for the same. Knuckle pain and arthritis have a close relation and arthritis can also become one of the reasons for knuckle pain. Exercising too much is also among the reason which can lead to the same. Injury to the knuckle may be the reason for pain in them.

The most popular remedy for knuckle pain relief is pain killers. There are different over the counter medicines which provide the much required relief from knuckle pain. Most of the pain killers start showing the effect after 4 to 8 hours of their consumption. These pain killers tend to lock the sensation of pain from the nerves. In some cases, these medicines work on a temporary basis. Do not consume pain killers in excess, as they might have a negative effect on the body.

Another good option which will provide relief from knuckle pain is exercise. Opting for the right exercise will help to a great extent, but, before you begin with the exercise, it will be more if you get the knuckle massaged in order to relax the stiff knuckles. The exercises opted for, should be such that they’ll alleviate the grief and not aggravate it. You can take help from a professional to find out which exercises to opt for.

Massage is also one of the most effective options available. Get the knuckles massaged from a professional for better results.

Another treatment which is known to work wonders in case of knuckle pain is magnetic therapy. It is one of the most effective remedy to heal the pain caused in the inflamed joints. This treatment consists the usage of magnets of different strength. The magnet strength is chosen based on the intensity of the pain. If the pain is severe, then you’ll have to choose a magnet of high strength. One can wear magnetic jewelry in the affected area. Since, this jewelry will be present on the affected area continuously, it will display the desired results fast.

In general, when pain is present there is inflammation so we should use ice or cold to reduce swelling and pain.

Hot and cold compresses can also be used only for the relief of knuckle pain. You can either use one of them or you can make use of the two of them in an alternate manner. These compresses tend to make the area numb. Hence, no pain will be experienced.

If the pain is minor, then soaking the knuckles in warm water will help. But, make certain that the water has salt in it. Allow the knuckles to be found in the water for a period of at least 30 minutes.

FAQ’s: How to make knuckle swelling do down?
I punched a wall hard, and the middle knuckle swelled up soon after. Icing it has not helped and ibuprofen does nothing for the pain. Is there anything else I can do for it?

  • it will go down with time :)