Left Leg Joint Pain

Whether it’s right or left leg, pain may be very severe and may hamper your day-to-day activities. At times, you may not find the pain that severe, but if not treated on time, you can generate a serious medical condition. Some people may suffer from numbness accompanied by searing pain. This may be caused due to injury or continuous pressure on the nerves of the left leg. Usually left leg pain starts if there is pressure or injury to the lower back, particularly if the sciatic nerve is injured. There may be several other causes of pain in the left leg. These are dealt with in the following paragraphs.

Many a time people complain of chronic left leg pain at night. This may be attributed to several reasons and the most common causes are pinched nerve and trauma. In case you twist your leg, or have a bad fall, the nerves may get damaged. A fall may also damage the joints and muscles. These may cause pain in the left leg. Moreover, if your back gets injured for some reason, the pain may radiate down to the leg. Pain may likewise be caused due to fracture of the bones, shin splints and strains of the left leg. If excessive pressure is continuously applied on the legs, the chances are that the muscles may sprain, thereby leading to pain. Torn ligaments and tendons may also be reasons of pain. If it’s due to this reason pain would be accompanied by swelling and inflammation. Pain at night can also be attributed to nocturnal leg cramps.

The main reason for leg pain behind knee is pinched nerve. Whenever you sit for extended periods in a particular position, the nerves may get squeezed. These in turn may cause pain. Moreover, if the body posture isn’t proper while sleeping, the nerves may get injured, thereby causing pain in the legs.

A compressed nerve might be playing the culprit here. A pinched nerve in the lower back may be affecting the sensory functions, thereby causing pain. Sciatica (inflammation of sciatic nerve) could be held responsible for causing pain in this region. The sciatic nerve travels from the lower back towards the leg. When the inflammatory activity appears on the left side, one may experience pain in the left hip.

Another common cause is peripheral artery disease. This disease is caused due to narrowing down of the arteries which in turn reduce blood supply to the legs. In case the arteries in or conducive to the left leg region are affected, it may give rise to left leg pain. If you suffer from peripheral artery disease, pain may aggravate while performing activities like walking or running. When you walk or run, the cells of the legs require more blood and oxygen, and owing to the narrowing of the blood vessels, that’s not possible. This results in pain.

As you may be knowing, the backbone is made of several disc like structures and these discs are cushioned by a fluid. As we age, the fluid dehydrates and the bones become inflexible and this causes pain of the back and legs. The condition is called lumbar degenerative disc disease, and it is not only the legs, but the foot may also pain; left leg if the degeneration is rather on the left side.

Another common leg pain cause is spondylolisthesis, wherein the bone architecture of the spinal column is defected. This leads to pain of the neck as the nerves are pinched. These may radiate down to the legs.

Spinal stenosis is one of the key reasons due to which numbness along with chronic leg pain occurs. This condition is mostly faced when we age. However, it is not that younger people won’t face spinal stenosis. At the termination of the spinal column, is a joint called facet joint. This may enlarge, thereby pressurizing the origin of the spinal nerve. Due to the force applied to the nerve by swelling of the facet joint there’s leg pain and numbness in the left leg. Besides these, left leg pain may likewise be caused due to lower levels of magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium in the blood, muscle fatigue or blood clot in the legs.

Most women complain of left leg pain when pregnant. The exact cause of this condition is still unknown. One possible reason behind leg pain during pregnancy given by experts is that the muscles of the legs may be tired from carrying the extra weight. This results in pain. It’s also thought that the growing uterus puts extra pressure on the blood vessels of the legs, thereby causing pain. If the pressure is applied to the left leg, chances are that the left leg muscles fatigue more, leading to left leg pain.

There are some common treatment options which you can try for getting rid of this condition. You can apply ice pack if pain is caused due to sprains or twisted leg. This would reduce not just the pain but also the inflammation caused due to sprain. Stretching exercises is one of the most effective options to get rid of left leg pain, as it helps in enhancing the muscles and bones. Doctors may recommend the employment of elastic bandages, especially when pain is caused due to strains and sprains. To relieve leg pain caused due to damage of nerves, bed rest is necessary. Moreover, pain killers may help in relieving the pain.

So, there may be several causes of left leg pain, and the most common reasons are injury and pinched nerve. If you feel continuous pain of the left leg, it may indicate some underlying medical condition, so you need to be it treated as soon as possible. Get in touch with a doctor so that you see the exact reason for pain and obtain the necessary treatment at the earlier.

Left leg joint pain