Lower Back Arthritis Surgery

Any invasive surgery is risky but lower back surgery is particularly risky and should still be considered very carefully. It should be an informed choice made only after all other treatment has been tried. Lower back surgery carries the additional danger of being performed on or near the spinal cord and is considered to be among the most dangerous surgeries one can have.

Recovery from lower back surgery can take several months and can give rise to loss of flexibility to varying degrees. There are likewise many nerves that can be damaged during surgery that may give rise to serious and painful complications. Any surgery that requires anesthesia carries with it an extra risk.

Lower back arthritis surgery

Many surgeries performed on the lower back are for bulging or slipped discs as this is the region of the back that is most vulnerable for this injury. A slipped disc usually occurs from and accident or from lifting heavy objects without proper support. It is a mistake to assume that just as it has never happened to you before that your back is powerful enough to take it over and over. This form of injury is extremely painful and debilitating.

There are many procedures that involve severing the nerves in your back that conduct signals to the pain centers in your head and all of them are risky. Any procedure carried out on the lower back can leave you immobilized and even hospitalized for months at a time. Physical therapy will be necessary to retain as much mobility as possible.

Researchers, whose findings appeared in the journal Arthritis Care & Research, analyzed the medical records of nearly 1,000 knee-replacement surgery patients, and found that 30 percent of them gained five percent or more of their body weight in the five years following surgery. One possible explanation for the counter-intuitive results, experts said, is that if people have spent years adapting to knee pain by taking it easy, they don’t automatically change their habits when the pain is reduced. Riddle’s group used …

Back pain is given two categories, acute back stiffness and protracted back trouble. This categorizing depends on the severity and the nature of the pain. The duration for lower back agony is few days to weeks and it can come up due to any form of ongoing medical problem like arthritis or due to some physical injury to the backbone and muscles of the back. Individuals afflicted by sciatica also complain of acute back pain. The type of pain that is named chronic has a longer duration. It can persist for about a quarter or even more. And, this type of agony becomes worse as the time passes.

The major causes of back injuries are car or other means of accidents and not lifting properly or lifting weight that is too heavy. These injuries can occur quite suddenly and most people are taken by surprise when they do happen. When a person who has had a strong back all his or her life suddenly hurts himself or herself it can be rather a blow. There is an extended period of time that participate in the healing process of a back injury.

Injury  Severe cases of accidents that causes injury like fractures, blow in the back, sudden impact due to falling from the bed or chair can also cause lower back pain.

Proper exercise can help relieve lower back pain. There are back exercises that can be applied to handle the pain. Make sure not to exert more pressure as it can aggravate the pain in the back.

Complementary therapies like massages, acupuncture and acupressure also help to fight pain. In addition to this, a natural remedy to treat acute back pain is applying hot or cold packs to the area concerned for some time. Back surgery is seen as a last resort only if above treatments are unsuccessful in relieving the pain.

Most doctors today will try every treatment available before resorting to invasive back surgery. Many patients who opt not to dispose of the surgery and some who do have the surgery may need to talk to a pain management doctor for the remainder of their lives.

There are many things you can perform to prevent pack injuries including awareness of heavy lifting procedures and ergonomics as well as wearing the proper footwear and maintaining good posture. Exercise to strengthen back muscles will also assist in preventing back problems.

The best medicine when it is a question of your back is preventative medicine. Always practice safety and caution when it is a question of heavy lifting, being careful to bend your knees and not your waist. Keep the object close to your body and always ask for help when it is offered to you. This will help protect the health of your back and spine and keep you from having painful problems.

Exercise for back pain this is still a long term and the best way to this problem. It will reduce stiffness and relieve the spine compression which will help reduce the back pain.

If you must consider lower back surgery, it’s a good idea to get a second or even a third opinion to guarantee that every avenue of alternate treatment has been explored. There are five types of specialty fields of medicine that you should explore before surgery. These include your family GP, an Orthopedist or bone doctor, A Rheumatologist specialized in arthritis and musculoskeletal problems, A Neurologist that treats the problems pertaining to central nervous system, and finally, a Neurosurgeon.