Natural Cure Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis And Osteoporosis

Many people wonder if there’s a natural cure for rheumatoid arthritis. Most doctors will tell patients who’ve been diagnosed with the disease that there’s no proven cure for arthritis. What they say is that modern medicine has been unable to come forward with any cure for this condition. The question that many people ask then is if there’s a cure to find in natural treatments.

Modern medicine has yet to establish the exact cause of RA. They are unable to form an effective cure without this information. There have however been some instances where people have found natural cures for arthritis. In all of these cases, the cure had anything to do with their diet.


While there is no known cure for arthritis, there is increasing evidence that tissue repair and replacement can delay disease progression. In fact, controversial stem cell research has concentrated on this as a cure for arthritis. Whether or not stem cell replacement will finally emerge as the cure for arthritis, it is a welcome relief to learn that natural substances are provided to relieve arthritis pain and discomfort, and slow spread of the disease-without the side effects.

The most promising natural treatment seems to involve seafood. Fish, in particular, seems to be especially effective at curing arthritis. Some people discovered that when they added fish to their regular diets, their arthritis symptoms lessened. They continued to improve with continuous intake of fish. Eventually, people realized that it was the fish oils in the fish that was treating their arthritis problems.

Studies have since shown that there exists a scientific basis behind this form of natural treatment for RA. The answer resides in the omega fatty acids in fish oils as well as other trace elements. These help to resolve the inflammation caused by arthritis and also the joint degeneration.

Sufferers of Arthritis – help RA and OA
Arthritis in the fingers, hips, knees and feet I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, teh RA is serum negative. What I would like help on is this…. I appreciate the joints feeling sore but why do my hands fail to grip? Why pains down the thigh from hip to knee as well as the hip and knee? Why is the muscle at the back of the toes getting harder and less elastic and now the toes are sitting on it? Any help welcome. I do not see a rheumatologist and was told by one in 1996 that he did not want to see me as I could not take any of his tablets. [I am allergic to salicylates, lactose etc] the only pain killer I can have is 250mgs of paracetamol about every 6 to 8 hours and it is not enough. I do take many supplements. [am an ND] Any help welcome, exercise, pain killers, reassurance desperately needed. By the way it was diagnosed in 1982, proved in 1994 and 1996. Seeing the GP Wednesday as I feel my thyoxine at 100mcgs is low. I also have the beginnings of osteoporosis and am coeliac and have many other allergies. Absolutely allergic to wheat, dairy, alcohol, nuts, herbs, spices, and on a low fat diet. Do take enzyme tablets to be able to have a reasonable diet these are on prescription. Cod liver and vinegar are out with me. Sorry. That is why I qualified in ND and PhD in immunology but it is the pains that I need reasurrance on…anyone get them like me? Sufferers please help – self help is good

  • I'm assuming you are taking Glucosamine, but are you taking enough? 1,500mg should be the daily dosage. Also lubramine is a good supplement for the smaller joints. Any of the omega oils eg. evening primrose or fish oils help, but ask your doctor first if you are on blood thinning medication such as warfarin, as these supplements could be harmful if so. Get your vitamin d levels checked (blood test). Low vitamin d levels can cause leg and hip pain and stiffness. If your levels are very low you may have symptoms of softening of the bones (osteomalacia). 1000mg every day for a month initially should help, and then review your levels and either make sure you get enough sunshine in the day or keep taking supplements. Research foods high in vitamin d. Ask for a referral to a dietician who understands arthritis. Even osteoarthritis is an inflammatory condition and can be aggravated by certain foods. Try exercising in water as this will enable you to strengthen and gain stamina without putting strain on your joints. You may be lucky and get a physiotherapy referral for hydrotherapy where you will be taught a custom made routine for you to continue. Also exercise will encourage your body to produce natural pain relieving hormones. Not knowing your age, but reading that you have many allergies and other health issues, suspect autoimmune problems eg. systemic lupus. Ask for blood tests to indicate autoimmunea activity. Sorry I have no idea what an ND qualification is. Pain wise depending on the location steroid injections help some people. Non steroidal anti-anflammatory drugs are a routine treatment but used long term they will ultimately damage your kidneys. Be honest with yourself about your personality type. If you know for sure you are not the addictive type then request narcotic based medication to supplement paracetamol, weak opiates initially, or tramadol, which for many people works very well. If you have any history of addictive behaviour, avoid this route. Ultimately you will have to increase the dose to the point where you will get no further relief but will be dependent. Some people take these medications regularly without problems, but for others it componds their problems. It depends on your physiological and psychological make up. If your walking is affected and you are not already doing so, consider using a cane. Anything that allows you to move more with less pain is useful. Try ointments such as Deep Heat, they can ease stiff joints – be careful not to put too much on as it burns! Some people get relief from TENS machines, which interrupt pain nerve pathways with a pulsing electrical current. Have you tried these? Tradditional chinese accupuncture works well with conditions causing pain, if you can afford it worth giving it a try. You know that currently there is no cure for this condition, but you can stop it worsening. I hope any one of these suggestions or any others helps.

  • Ive just been diagnosed with Ra in my hands and fingers. After months of taking the usual co-codamol and voltarol etc and all the rest of the drugs prescibed by the doctor a friend of mine recommended Devil's Claw. So for the last 2 weeks Ive been taking that, and although I am not completely pain free, on a whole I feel better. Good luck

  • Do'nt eat oranges or lemons and move to lanzarote or tenerife or some where warmer