Natural Remedies For Arthritis Pain In Hands

Arthritis is a disabling disease that currently affects millions of people in the United States alone. There are many different types of treatments available for people who suffer from arthritis, both natural and chemical.

There are many strong reasons to avoid chemical based prescriptions and over-the-counter medications including potential addictions, side effects, and the large costs associated with such types of medications.

There are about 100 forms of arthritis. You have not specified the type of arthritis you have, but it most likely to be what is termed ‘osteoarthritis’. The condition is characterised by the degeneration of the cartilage which lines all joints. It predominantly affects the major weight bearing joints (hips, knees and spine). It is also common in the hands, particularly the last joints in the fingers and the base of the thumb. Many natural agents offer relief from osteoarthritis, and …

Although many individuals have considered switching to natural arthritis pain relief, they have not yet made the change.

So why are people still hesitant? Some may believe that natural medicine isn’t as effective as the standard medical treatments that they’re currently using. This is actually a common misconception. Then again, there are those who simply are quite comfortable with the arthritis treatment that they’re on, and aren’t quite prepared to make the switch.

Natural remedies for arthritis pain in hands

Although joint pain is commonplace it is likely to have an impact on people beyond their middle age. Natural treatments are most effective and harmless as they’re unlikely to initiate side effects, of all the treatments for joint pain. Joint pain herbal remedies are usually natural substances of plant origin. On the other hand OTC and prescription medications could cause injury to the kidney and liver.

FAQ’s: Natural remedies and supplements to help get rid of my mum's arthritis in her hands ?
I am looking for suggestions on ways to get rid of the arthritis my mum has in both of her hands. Lately it has started getting worse and pretty painful for her. Has anyone had any success with any particular natural remedies?? i.e supplements, accupuncture, oils etc……. I live in Sydney, Australia. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • depends on what kind of arthritis, but you can try: apple cider vinegar and natural raw honey as a drink, SAMe – can get over internet if not available in Oz, serrapeptase enzyme – same, acupuncture, high doses of purified fish oil, cod liver oil (not too much), sunshine, EMU oil, glucosamine chondroitin and MSM, supplements or rubs which include turmeric ginger capsicum, meditation or any other kind of stress management technique, cutting out potatoes tomatoes peppers aubergines, checking out for food sensitivities. ALL of these work for some people. Can't predict which works for who. You need to know what kind of arthritis it is – that can give you a good clue as to what will work best to relieve pain – reduce inflammation (if that's the problem) or repair joint tissue (if it's that).

  • So far there is nothing that can make arthritis go away. But there are a couple of things that can help. Malic Acid is good for pain and there are no side effects that I have ever heard of. (Malic acid is to apples what citric acid is to oranges.) I use if for my Fibromyalgia pain as well as the arthritis pain.. The other thing(s) is an ointment and a capsule called *Bone, Flesh & Cartilage.* I use the ointment in the evening before bed and again in midday. The capsules I have not used, but I'd say used in combination with the ointment it would help even more. BF&C is put out by the *Nature's Way* company and is very reasonably priced. It may take a week or ten days before any help is noticed, but I began feeling better in a couple of days. Natural meds need to aclimate to the body that's using it and the timing varies. Good luck. I remember the pain only too well.

  • there is permanent cure in homeopathy . plz consult some homeopath

  • shark cartilidge capsules

  • Unfortunately, no. You need to manage the pain as best you can with conventional treatments. Don't waste your money on so-called complementary and alternative medicine (SCAM), if they actually worked, everyone would be using them, right? If anyone tries to sell you this stuff, you should ask them for the independant, ramdomised, controled, peer reviewed studies that show efficacy and side effects. They will not be able to produce anything. Even the popular and high selling glucosamine has failed in the latest clinical trials (but chemists are still flogging it). Here is a good unbiased Aussie website that you should checkout: All the best for your Mum. EDIT: Pati C has recommended Malic Acid. I found one small study on Pubmed that showed some statistcally significant reduction in pain using this product. While more studies are required, it may well be worth a try. No side effects were found.

  • Ive read that juicing wheatgrass can have a healing effect on arthritis. x

  • OTC and prescription medication for the processing of pain could also increase the likelihood of stroke or heart attack and therefore potentially harmful. So let us take a look at the various herbal remedies for joint pain that has changed over the years. Some of these are practical therapies.

    However, if you are reading this, then chances are that you are probably interested in a natural answer for this crippling condition. Read on to acquire the many benefits associated with natural remedies for arthritis.

    The years of the investigation and clinical trials that have been conducted conclude that there are a number of people who find that they actually do experience considerable relief with natural substitutes. The marvelous thing about natural arthritis pain relief is that it can address a particular health issue, or certain symptoms, without leading to potentially life threatening side effects or problems.

    There is no cure for osteoarthritis. Arthritis pain can be hard to live with. Pain relief for arthritis sufferers is the only way to help maintain an active life. Arthritis pain killing drugs can be addictive and therefore many people are turning to natural arthritis remedies to cope.

    Pain may experienced throughout the body. Most of the time however, it’s more dominant in the hands, wrists, hip, knees and feet.

    Seeing that the body views the joints and the fluid that surrounds those joints as something that is ‘foreign ‘, the immune system will immediately jump into action to attempt to eliminate this ‘intruder’. When this happens, it is common for the sufferer to produce a fever.

    Fluctuating body temperature, too, is a common symptom. You may feel quite warm, and then become rather cool. Some may even feel chilled. These are all common symptoms of arthritis.

    There are more to natural arthritis treatments than simply taking herbs and natural supplements. To start relieving the symptoms of arthritis, one of the earliest places that you should start is with your weight. To shed a few pounds, you could consider the establishment of a new exercise and diet regime. This will help to eliminate many of the pressure that may putting extra stress on your joints.

    You may also consider pain management counseling. This will allow you the chance to develop coping strategies for the pain that you experience without needing to resort to dangerous chemical based medicine.

    The next natural approach that you can follow is to stock up on some vitamins and similar types of supplements. All of the vitamins in the B groups are considered quite effective. Furthermore, vitamin E, and many others are quite useful.

    If you want relief without trouble, all the expense, and potentially devastating side effects, you should consider natural medicine for arthritis. You will feel better. Your overall quality of their lives will be drastically improved.