Naturally Cure Arthritis The Answer

The fountain of youth! From the earlier records of time, man has mounted on a quest for the holy grail, the fountain of youth. And it turns out some still are. I lately received an e-mail in my inbox from an osteoarthritis arthritis suffer! Here’s what she was supposed to ask.

The Answer: Thanks for the e-mail! The answer to your question depends on several different factors of your pain! But from what you were talking about, I would imagine that you’re feeling the early warning signs of arthritis. Specifically, because its signs are comparable with the arthritis’s definition of: condition characterized by inflammation and pain of the joints. But due to the 100 various types of arthritis, it would be hard to diagnose your arthritis through an e-mail. However, chances are you can cure arthritis because most arthritis is categorized as osteoarthritis which is curable and often suffered from runners and active people.

Naturally cure arthritis the answer

It has been stated that over 350 million people worldwide struggle with arthritis of some sort. And most of those sufferers suffer from osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis characterized by a gradual breakdown of cartilage between joints from everyday wear and tear which results in inflammation and pain. Osteoarthritis commonly affects ex-athletes or generally active people.

Even though there are more than a hundred types of arthritis, affecting every joint in your body, there’s one thing they all have in common: pain. This is one of the reasons most treatments for this disease are oriented towards arthritis pain relief.

The effects of arthritis joint pain must be minimized, because your lifestyle can suffer because of it. Nobody can maintain their concentration when subjected to an excruciating pain that can last for days or weeks, sometimes even months and years.

Here’s some hope! It has been documented of various indigenous tribes having an average life span of 90+ years and arthritis has never been reported to affect none of the tribesmen. Can you imagine, waking up at the new age of 90 and feeling like a 20 year old! Though this might seem as a far-fetched dream, in fact it is is more realistic than you might expect.

My life evolves around natural health! And I spend 50+ hours a week researching, reading and writing about natural health dealing from everything from exercise, nutrition, supplements, vitamins, and even arthritis. And I can guarantee that you’re a perfect candidate to cure arthritis naturally.

Natural arthritis medication is a viable and safe option that can be made with confidence while waiting for the dust to settle on the NSAIDS debate. Some people have experienced dramatic relief from taking these natural remedies and have agreed that a natural remedy for arthritis is the answer to relieving arthritis pain while being free of the worry over dangerous side effects.

Acupuncture is another natural remedy for arthritis. Acupuncture involves the utilization of needles to stimulate energy centres in the main body for effective pain relief.

Here are some recommendations to relieve the pain and naturally build up cartilage between your joints.

Eat fresh! You should eat as many foods that you can that are raw and fresh. By giving up preservatives and additives you can actually prevent future arthritis flare-ups. Arthritis prevention is still the best treatment for arthritis.

Switch to water! If you give up soft drinks, coffee, and even alcohol, you’ll feel like you’re 10 years younger in 3 weeks. I guarantee it’s going to be a difficult 3 weeks of withdrawal to get there though. You might want to attempt to wean yourself off of these through slowly working yourself off the sugar and caffeine.

Enriched is bad! Stop eating foods with white flour because of the negative effects of the ‘enriching’ process. Start reading the labels.