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24 year old mom suffering from pain please read doctors nurses people with pain ?
Hi, I am having alot of issues……My lower back hurts really bad and ever since I gave birth to my daughter my tailbone has been hurting. I have been seeing a doctor about this but it is low income insurance since I cant afford good insurance. I only get to see her once a month. She says I have arthritis around my tailbone and I have a bulging disc after xrays and MRI. I have alot of other things going on too…..I am constantly tired no matter how much sleep I get I am still tired and weak with no energy all day. When I used to be energetic. I also think I have some sort of insomnia. I stay up untill 2 am and I get up with my daughter at 10ish so that is enough sleep. I have headaches all day long. My wrist are terrible they feel like they are grinding. When I waited tables last year my wrist would just give out and I would drop trays. My right shoulder is soo sore and my neck is very stiff. My legs feel like they want to give out from under me sometimes when I am walking around or going up stairs. They also feel tinglly when I lay on my side. I have a very hard time getting asleep at night I can not get comfy at all. It is hard to reach an orgasm. My knees pop and my ankles. My hands are constanly cold. I et a ring in my ear sometimes lately. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. I forget things very easy or what I was saying or forget to grab something important that I need like my purse or my credit card I have left the house with no shoes got in the car and thought dang it I am an idiot I need shoes. I dont feel depressed I love my husband and my daughter with all of my heart. I feel like if this issue goes unresolved that I will get depressed about it. I want to enjoy my life. This has all flared up since my baby was born but I have had minor issues in the past couple of years like my wrist my legs getting tired and weak and now they feel like they are going to give out on me. I get plenty of exersice, I was upto 198 pounds when I went in to delievery and am now down to 136 so that is great. I eat good and healthy and always have. The worst thing I do is smoke and drink diet coke and I am trying to stop drinking so much diet and more water. I am on chantix to quit smoking. The meds that the doc gave me are not working for me they are motron 800s and ultram. She also gave me predizon for a 5 day treatment and I dont feel any differant. The motrons are starting to give me an upset stomache so I stopped taking them as prescribe which was 1 pill 3 x a day. I have ended up in ER 3 times now in the past 7 months for my back giving out. They give me vicodins and they seem to work wonders for me. My doctor told me that "they work to good and I cant get them here" then the last time I was in ER she prescribed me vicodin 750s so I don't know what to do about her. I am continueing to see her because I want her to take me seriously about this because I have been suffering for a very long time and I am getting upset that she isnt trying to help me. I think that she is judging me on my appearance. I have many tattoos and I am only 24 years old. But I have never been a druggie I feel that she looks at me that way and don't know how to get her to listen to me. Also I was wondering if anyone can tell me more about lymes disease? I was bitten by a tick about 9 years ago and had a ring where the bite was and didn't do anything about it. My mom never took me to the doctors for anything always said I would be fine. So, could this be lyme that just flared up after I gave birth. I also had a spinal block/ epidural during birth and gave birth natrually.

  • Wow that's a long question,,, I can help with parts of it. You mention vicodin 750,, the 750 is the tylenol in it,, it probably said 5/750 or maybe 7.5/750. But they are far better than the tramadol you were taking with the motrin. Here is the best thing you can do for yourself for pain manangement. Start a daily pain journal, nothing fancy,, I use a steno pad for each month. Record: when you hurt where you hurt how badly you hurt on a scale of 1-10 and how the pain is effecting your everyday life, what you cannot do because of pain in your everyday life,,,,, also write anything out of the norm,, different pain,, any ailment Write up a summary or take the journal with you to the doctor,,,, it is hard to explain everything to the doctor in the few minutes you have with them and you are nervous anyway,,, the journal takes care of that,, and the big plus is that ANY doctor will be thrilled that you are doing it,, it allows them to have a far better idea of how best to treat your pain. Here is the best symptom tool on the web for your Lyme's concerns Here is a link you can ask a webmd Here are a few good pain management sites, And here is a good alternative health site All the links are to medical sites not commercial ones,, they are free and from some of the best medical professionals there are. Good luck

  • Your symptoms could definitely be caused by Lyme disease – there si a blood test specifically for this.

  • Go to the web site A-Z of conditions and treatments it will tell you about Lymes disease and other things. As for lots of tattoos it has nothing to do with it. Also get some pro plus tablets from the chemist buy over the counter they will wake you up a bit. keep on at your Doctor ask for more tests to find the problem Hope this help and Good luck wish you well

  • Try a homeo remedy 1] ars alb 30 pills —2 pills daily [ chew ] some time after food.