Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs You Can Take During Pregnancy

Drug detox during pregnancy must be interpreted with extreme caution. Although at this stage if the woman wants to operate with the pregnancy, some form of Drug Detox becomes essential. To continue taking drugs during pregnancy would cause severe risk to the unborn child as any substances consumed by mother can be carried into the fetal blood stream. This can result in severe abnormalities, developmental disabilities, severe mental retardation, even death. Drugs can pass to the baby during breast feeding after birth.

Thus before taking the drug, talk to your physician or pharmacist and perform a thorough body check to ascertain if it’s safe for you to get the drug. The drug tends to make one feel dizzy or drowsy, so never drive and perform any activities that require alertness when you’re under the drug’s effect. Limit alcohol usage and avoid smoking.

The medication also makes you sun sensitive and thus while travelling outdoors, use a sunscreen and wear protective clothing. In general, ibuprofen is a safe drug to consume but abuse can be deadly which is why you should get the drug only when it is very necessary. Discuss the risk and the advantages of the drug with your doctor and then only start with medication.

The range of painkillers can be a minefield. There are so many different types of products on offer – and some are more appropriate for minor ailments than others. Every day around six million people visit their pharmacist – and there is a growing trend to buy more over-the-counter painkillers than ever. According to Brian Duggan, pharmacist at Boots, choosing which painkiller to take depends on the type of pain you are suffering from. Painkillers actually fall into three main groups …

Abrupt withdrawal should be avoided, particularly if the woman is on hard drugs such as heroin. There is less risk of miscarriage if detoxification is done in the second trimester. Miscarriage and premature labor risk is greatly reduced at this time.

All this depends on whether the mother will return to street drug use, after she gets gone through a drug detox, but before delivery. In cases like this methadone treatment may be the solution, with a programme of drug detoxification after delivery.

The first thing she must do to is stop taking the street drugs immediately. Then she must talk to her gynecologist, telling them exactly what drugs they have been taking. All situations under which the woman is exposed to toxins should be avoided. Most women will want to detoxify when they discover that they are pregnant to make sure that their sons aren’t born with addictions.