Osteoarthritis Joints Affected Compared

Sesame seeds are also very useful in treating osteoarthritis. All you got to do is take a drink of water and soak some black sesame oil in it. Leave it to steep overnight. Next morning drink this water with seeds.

Mustard oil is deemed to be very good massage oil. It provides warmth and strength to the muscles and joints of the fund and helps in giving exemption from the pain. Therefore make it a daily routine to massage the affected area by mustard oil. Or you can even add camphor to the mustard oil which will give you relief from swelling, inflammation and pain.

When store bought pain remedies or prescriptions aren’t quite enough to eliminate the pain, both warm and cold compresses have been known to provide relief. Basically, heat or ice is a question of personal preference. Individuals must choose which is the best personal level of comfort.

Overweight people are most likely to suffer from osteoarthritis because their excess weight increases the pressure and stress on hips and the knees which constitute the weight bearing joints. Therefore they should attempt to reduce some weight which will reduce the pain by relieving the pressure from weight bearing joints.

Unfortunately, people with bone osteoarthritis have yet another reason to arrive at a healthy weight. Extra pounds put unnecessary pressure on joints already under assault by disease. A healthy weight will provide some relief from pain and pressure.

It’s not certain that milk was the reason for the slower arthritis progression, researchers said, and the effect was not seen in men. But the results add to evidence that nutrition may help to stave off arthritis. Lu, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, led the study, which was published in Arthritis Care and Research. Arthritis causes pain and swelling of joints in the hand, hips or knees. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it affects more …

The above mentioned home remedies were among the best home remedies which are effective and safe to use at home.