Osteoarthritis Spine Diet

I have to be honest. I do not know if I have gained any more weight. However, I know I will never make the goals I set for myself when I began this. I’m not really upset about it. I actually thought I would be. The thought of being down to 110 by January 1st, could have happened. I would have been lean and thin.

How you should treat it? You may know that all types of arthritis cause some inflammation, soft tissue changes, pain, and joint destruction. Actually there is no drug that reliable enough to treat it. Thats why, systemic enzyme is introduced as a natural osteoarthritis treatment.

Holy cow …

However, the doctors told me that I have osteoarthritis in my neck, upper spine, lower spine, knees, ankles, wrists, hips, and some fingers. My middle spine and elbows are uneffected, so I guess the fat did not want to share the space. Oh come on, that was funny. I have to laugh about, otherwise I would be upset and feel like a failure.

Many of these changes have been good for children’s health, says Bernard Harris, professor of the history of social policy at Southampton University. Fifty years ago, children were fitter, and as research published last month showed, even ten years ago they were also much stronger. Another study published last month found an increasing number of primary school children suffering from arthritic-type pain from using phones and games consoles. The researchers said the problems — wrist and finger pain — were normally …

So after I got this news as well as the fact that I do not have much strength in my right arm, I decided I needed help. No, no not diet pills. I went online and read as much as I could about osteoarthritis and diet plans. I then searched for exercises I could do or thought I could do. Since it is getting to cold to ride my bike, I had to find other things to do.

I found some exercise DVD’s that are perfect for me. Core Fusion has five segments on them at ten minutes a piece. I can do ten minutes in the morning, evening, and afternoon and do them five days a week, a different DVD each ten minute segment.

So I have to start below a beginner. However, I am working on it. I realize that it will now proceed to take me longer to reach my goal. However, to be in a position to stave off the osteoarthritis from getting worse I have to keep going. For me to be in a position to walk without pain or to reach and lift something without pain I have to keep going.

I write these to keep me honest. Once they’re published there is no turning back. So I will keep writing them until the day I can write I MADE IT and publish a photo of the new me.