Pain In Joints When Bending

Are you reluctant to reach for anything on the floor? Do you feel pain when you bend? Do you want to feel stronger and more stable as you bend? Your problem may be linked more to how you bend than to your physical condition. Bending far enough to touch the ground is something you should be in a position to do your entire life. These four tips can help you bend with greater ease, stability and strength. They can also help you reduce the pain of bending and increase your bending range and flexibility. They are based on the Alexander Technique, a method for improving your understanding of posture and movement. Learning the Alexander Technique generally requires more than reading an article. However, these four tips can help you improve the way you bend.

This is the most important rule when bending. No matter how far toward the floor you bend, you still need to help your full weight. Picking your heels up makes it harder to support your weight that is why it is important to leave your feet fully on the ground as you bend. Before you bend, notice how your feet feel on the ground and try to let them feel the same manner during the entire bending movement.

This is not the temporary pain of a stubbed toe. It is not the longer lasting pain of a headache. This is a pain the grips your entire body. Muscles in your body ache. This isn’t the ache of a hard tennis game that affects a few muscles. This ache extends to every muscle. When you walk, you resemble Frankenstein with his stiff legs; it is too painful to properly bend your legs. It’s the pain you feel when you have …

Bending at the knees and hips offers a much wider range of motion than bending at the waist and will also provide you more power. Bending at the waist will leave you in a weaker position. To find your hip joints, march in place and notice where your legs attach to your trunk. Those are your hip joints. When you bend, you’ll use your knees and your hip joints.

We haven’t even thought about …

When you bend, look at the floor. The reason for this is hard to explain but you’ll find that watching the floor as you bend makes bending easier. You can discover this yourself by bending while you’re watching a wall. You will find that looking at the floor makes bending easier.

Pain in joints when bending

Focus when you bend. Bend at your knees, not at your waist when lifting. This makes a significant difference and will save you a serious back injury.

suden pain in joints?
I only noticed it a few days ago, but in both hands I have a dull pain in my middle fingers in my upper most joint. It only hurts when I bend it to a certain point, or when I squeeze it. It doesn't appear inflamed or red, but before the pain came the joint was very hot (I normally have very cold hands, so I noticed easily) Its still very hot feeling, although others can't seem to tell the difference. The pain has a kind of dull achenes to it as well, nothing sharp, kinda like when you bump something reeeeeeally hard adn the are swells (that's the feeling I have) but I have had no injury in the area. any ideas?

  • You've said something very crucial, that the pain is in both hands at the upper most finger joint. The joints are the area most widely affected by arthritic conditions and the fact that it feels hot also lends itself to support this. Other rare things it could be include Lyme disease or circulatory trouble but I'd be going to my GP and asking for an anti-inflammatory drug and a CRP blood test which will confirm the diagnosis of arthritis.Arthritis can damage the joints so jump on this one sooner than later.

  • You should go to the doctors and have him check to see if you might have arthritis. This can happen in young people too. Its not just an old persons thing. Or it might be a result of bad circulation in your hands. try keeping your hands warm, and make sure your getting enough calcium from things like milk and taking cod liver oil tablets are very good for your joints and general health too.

  • your body is too acidic. drink more water and add calcium/magnesium supplement. the best is olympian labs brand coral calcium. go to your local health food store and ask for a sample

  • Dont listen to this spine surgeon. First off, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my blood comes up negative for arthritis and inflammation (some auto-immune disease's do that). It could be anything. Usually with RA, if its in one joint it will be in the other, right hand/left hand. Go see a doctor or a specialist. Until then, take Aleve or some kind of NSAID. Good Luck!

  • Bend far enough so that you will be able easily reach what you’re trying to retrieve. Reaching too far can cause you to pull your heels off the floor and distorts your back, making you feel weaker.

    Take a few minutes to experiment and practice these tips so that you will be able to understand and use them effectively. They can have a dramatic effect depending on your fitness level. Bending is an important quality of life skill. Properly bending far enough to affect the floor every day as an integral part of normal activity will help you be able to bend during the rest of your life.