Painful Knees In Children

Arthritis-This is the usual reason why pain on the knees is experienced. The ailment usually affects the joints, most especially those that bear weight. The cartilage are damaged which results to pain and swelling.

Injury in the ligaments-This can also cause pain on the knees. Athletes are the ones who often experience this condition. Pain is commonly felt when affected ligaments are moving.

There are likewise some ailments that normally occur in teenagers. Back of knee pain causes include Osgood-a condition wherein the growth plate is irritated, Schlatter disease, and OCD or Osteochondritis dissecans which can also occur in teenagers.

Painful knees in children

It is very difficult to self diagnose and look around for the right treatment in view of the many causes of pain on the knees. Knowing the primary result of the pain felt on the knees is important. Seeking for a medical advice will be good to have the correct diagnosis and, consequently, to have the proper treatment.

In asking children regarding pain in their knees, it would help if you wouldn’t make them understand what painful means. You could ask them to assess the pain (or instability) using a scale of one-10, with 10 being the worst pain they have already felt.

Knowing how the child feels will assist you in choosing a brace. Websites selling knee supports usually have braces geared for various levels of pain, like mild, moderate, or severe pain or instability.

Common symptoms of pain on the knees that are usually observed are swelling of the joints, pain experienced while resting, pain that lasts for a few days, difficulty in bending the knees, and there are symptoms of infections such as fever and cough.

There are also several home remedies to ease the pain on the knees. When pain is being experienced, resting the knees can be of big help. Applying hot and cold compress is also beneficial. Proper stretching and physical therapy will also contribute to relieve the pain.