Practical Reactive Arthritis Exercises

Do arthritis exercises really work? This is a question asked every day by all people who suffer from arthritis. The simple answer is yes, they do work. But as a caveat you should always seek the opinion of your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Your doctor will take several factors into consideration before giving you the go-ahead for exercises to manage your arthritis. These factors include your medical history, your physical fitness and your overall health. The level and position of your arthritis pain will also take into consideration. The exercises prescribed will rely on the joints affected, how much flexibility you have and how inflamed the area is. The prescribed exercises will likewise depend upon whether or not a replacement procedure has previously been performed earlier.

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Arthritis exercises will help you recover your flexibility. They can also help build muscle strength and relieve pain.

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Some form of exercise is an important aspect of any arthritis treatment plan. Your doctor will should have knowledge of which exercises will work best for you. He may refer you to a physical therapist for specific treatment.

Your overall treatment plan may include, in addition to exercise, medicine, rest, and proper nutrition. Your doctor will also discuss with you how to properly move your joints while exercising.

There are three types of exercises for arthritis sufferers. Range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises and aerobic exercises are all considered good arthritis exercises.

Strengthening exercises such as weight training help you improve your muscle tone. As you build the strength in your muscles you’ll find they’re in a position to give more support to the affected area.

Aerobic exercises have many benefits. They help with your cardio fitness and health and help keep your weight down. This will put less weight on your joints. These will help relieve pain drastically.

There’s nothing to worry about getting started on an arthritis exercise plan. After you have discussed options with your doctor you can develop a plan that enables you to get in some exercise every day. Most doctors will recommend that you begin your exercise program with the help of a physical therapist or trainer.

Before exercising it is important to apply heat to the affected area. This little known trick, used by many physical therapists, will help prepare the area for exercise. After you have applied heat you can stretch all over. This warm up period is when you’ll incorporate your range of motion exercises.

After warming up you can slowly begin to train with weights. Do not go into this too fast. Lifting heavy weights at the start will only cause you more problems. Aerobic exercises should also be made only after warming up. After your workout you can apply ice to area in pain to help with pain control.

Strong medicines are normally given only to delete the pain caused by arthritis. Most of these include analgesics, pain killers, and paracetamols. Dieting and exercises are recommended treatment option as well, particularly if the person who has osteoarthritis is on the heavy side. Managing the weight also means less pressure on the larger joints like hips and the knees, making it easier for the individual to move about with fewer joint aches.

There are many different exercises that are specific to the type of arthritis you’re suffering from and its location. People with different forms of arthritis will benefit from different exercises. Your doctor will work with you to determine which arthritis exercises will benefit you the most.