Provailen Reviews

Numerous reviews on Provailen are obviously written to persuade peoples opinion about the product. Some glowing testimonials are obviously written to convince people to try the product. Other reviews seemed to be written to downgrade the product. It’s funny that the negative reviews usually end with a recommendation for another pain relief product. Whether that is ethical marketing, or not, I’ll leave that decision up to you.  Marketing, this is the number one reason why reviews are written in the first place: they no longer serve as objective, unbiased sources of information, they trigger sales. For example, have you noticed that instead of showing movie previews many major motion pictures studios now just show the testimonials and reactions of people who just saw a movie. Testimonials and reviews (just like “likes” and “shares” on Facebook) are commonly used to promote products. And, unfortunately, many of these come from people who have never tried the product, (or seen the movie)

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In order to make a good product choice, consumers owe it to themselves to carefully research the supplement they want to use.

Brief outline of Provailen reviews

A real review of a product like Provailen should include a bit about the persons problem, how long they used it, something they found negative as well as their overall impression.

Video Reviews are even better. You can get a genuine feel for the authenticity of the person. Here’s a few I found:






Provailen is considered a totally safe product, if we are to trust the manufacturer and the horde of irrelevant reviews that serve for marketing purposes.

How to maintain a critical eye when exploring these reviews?

1. Go beyond the advertising blah blah into the facts about the product.

2. Avoid the hypes or pay attention to them.

3. Learn to recognize linguistic traps meant to psychologically manipulate you to trigger purchase. Provailen as well as most supplement or product presentations wrap their facts into language that you are sensitive to.

In the case of an arthritis treatment, the focus will be on:

  • the difference from NSAID drugs, which must have caused you numerous problems because of their side effects;
  • the power of the ‘scientific’ word (‘clinically proven’, ‘pharmacological accuracy’, ‘FDA-approved lab’ etc) which create the impression of a safe port for the user;
  • evoking all the tormenting symptoms of arthritis but in a reversed way, as Provailen will make them go away.;
  • employing language that evokes power, efficiency, strength and reliability.

Will you buy it then? The use of such tactics does not make the quality of the product questionable, it only manipulates the undecided user in the direction of the purchase.

What should an honest Provailen review be like?

1. It should include a brief description of the product with action, ingredients, usage specificity.

2. Provailen reviews further ought to emphasize side effects, particularly in relation with the presence of certain ingredients, even if they may not be signaled by the manufacturer.

3. The reader should be warned about the potential weakness of the product, and the possible inconsistencies in the product presentation.

Becoming aware of such market mechanisms might help you make a much better decision for your health even if you start research with a bunch of biased reviews.