Psoriatic Arthritis Neck Back Pain

Today back pain is an ailment that most people suffer from. A few years back, back pain was very rare but now it is as common as the common cold. There wont be a single person who hasnt felt pain on the neck, upper back, tailbone, or lower back. Moreover, pain differs from people to people with some experiencing a constant or intermittent pain, for some it’d be a dull pain but for some it would perhaps be a sharp or piercing pain, while others experience a burning sensation. Whatever be the type and nature of pain, back pain is one thing that is intolerable for any person.

Rest is something that is intended for a lucky few with life becoming increasingly fast paced. Work pressure, competitive work environment, family tensions, all have contributed in making back pain one of humanity most frequent complaints. Back pain is the more frustrating and most difficult of the problems because there is no magic cure for back pain relief. The only way is to determine the causative factors and then decide on the treatment. Lets look at a few of the common causes of back pain.

But, I digress….

Wrong Posture: Wrong posture is one of the major causes of back pain. Today most people spent a sedentary lifestyle with the majority of the hours spent at the desk working on projects. The best ways to cure such pain is by maintaining good posture, using ergonomically designed chairs and back care products, taking breaks for few minutes and stretching. Back pain can also result from sleeping in the wrong position.

Back neck pain can have a wide variety of causes. In most of the cases is it about something minor, like a strain or a small injury. Bursitis can also cause this kind of pain, as well as tendonitis or damage of ligaments. Other times back and neck pain can be the outcome of the more serious medical conditions like degenerative arthritis. If the pain is persistent and it will not go away in a couple of days, it is a sign that you should make an appointment with a doctor. Back neck pain can also be the product of inadequate working position and this meant that it will go away after the muscles will relax.

Back neck pain can be treated using natural remedies. They are some that can be used internally and some that can be applied topically. Most of them contain analgesic, ant-inflammatory and anti-spastic (muscle relaxant) substances. You can determine which herbal remedy will work best on you after you’ll know the exact cause of your back neck pain.

Here are a few natural alternatives that you can then use for alleviating the back neck pain without going for over the counter or prescribed drugs.

Devil’s claw-It is efficient in many medical conditions implying pain and it is proved to have a pain reducing effect similar with that of anti-inflammatory drugs. A cure of a couple of months with this herb will keep the pain away. It is recommended in back neck pain, lower back pain and arthritis pain.

Kudzu-It reduces the pain because it seems to bring an end to the inflammatory response of the body. Its action is similar with that of estrogen and it isn’t recommended for patients with diabetes.

Arthritis: Arthritis is a joint disorder that causes inflammation of one or several joints. There are about 100 different types of arthritis namely osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis, septic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and so on.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become thin and brittle that it cannot endure even minor stress causing compression fracture of the vertebrae.

Injury: Back pain can result from damage to the back owing to an accident, when playing a sport, or when lifting heavy objects.

As there are different causes of back pain, good understanding of the condition is necessary in order to get relief from back pain. However, most back pain can be reduced by using back care products that are out in the market. The back relief products gently stretch, align and relax the entire back thereby helping to develop better posture, loosen tight muscles in the neck and shoulder areas, and build healthier backs.