Ra Nelson – Some Background

The infamous outlaw country singer hired a bankruptcy lawyer in the early nineties. Read on to find out about and perhaps from his experiences.

After Johnny Cash experienced a career nosedive in the 1980s, Willie Nelson and other stars began to develop a plan to bring renegade country music back on to the national scene. Together, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson formed the country super group, The Highwaymen. The group was massively successful and even garnered a number one hit single titled "The Highwaymen”. Unfortunately, halfway through their career, the Internal Revenue Service came after Willie Nelson, demanding back taxes be increased to the amount of $32 million. In that same year, Willie Nelson’s bankruptcy lawyer was in a position to negotiate that amount to $16 million, a decrease of fifty percent.

After weeks of closed-door negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service, the musician’s lawyer allegedly convinced the IRS to allow Nelson to pay $6 million in back taxes for the question to be resolved, and while the IRS agreed, Nelson stated he never agreed to this arrangement. Instead, Willie Nelson created an album titled, "The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories?” And gave all return to the Internal Revenue Service. While much of his private property was auctioned off, many of Nelson’s friends bought the items and gave them back to Nelson thereafter. With the means of a sharp bankruptcy lawyer, Nelson eventually found out that his accountants at Price Waterhouse weren’t paying his taxes for a considerable amount of years prior to the creation of The Highwaymen.

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After consultation with his bankruptcy lawyer, Nelson successfully sued his accounting company stating that the business used illegal tax shelters to store Nelson’s riches. The suit was settled for an undisclosed amount of money and Nelson’s debts were paid off by 1993. It was kind of a dark stain on Nelson’s career at the time, but he has since been perceived even more so because a renegade for “not having paid his taxes”, being a legal cannabis advocate, and holding very anti-war views on foreign policy. Willie Nelson’s image helped recast the renegade country outlaw with both industry and fans alike, as a result of such legal battles with the IRS.