Relief For Spinal Arthritis Pain

In a lot of magazines written especially for elderly people you’ll find articles about spinal arthritis that, more often then not, seem to be related to age. Are those articles just made to sell products or is there some truth in that assumption? Well in fact there’s a couple of different sort of spinal arthritis types and they have all different names for example osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and spinal stenosis of the facet joints. And the magazines do have a time when they say that spinal arthritis is caused by age.

Spinal arthritis is no life threatening disease but it can be extremely painful, debilitating and cut into the mobility of many people. And lets be honest, mostly elderly people are struck with the symptoms of these types of arthritis. There are some exceptions as there are younger people who suffer from spinal arthritis, although most develop just a mild form. With younger people, spinal arthritis usually begin very mildly and have a tendency to escalate in pain intensity after many years.

The biggest customer for lift chairs are arthritis patients. Arthritis is a disease that affects people badly. Arthritis is a disease that can cripple your life. Joint problem is a signal that a person can develop arthritis shortly. Arthritis makes standing up difficult. Such a joint pain can take place in the morning or evening. This form of joint pain is dependent on the type of arthritis with which a person is affected. Joint pain can become worse when activities in a person’s life become less. Being inactive and sitting for hours can cause the pain to worse. For many older people standing up from the sitting position can be really difficult after they watch television for some time. Even after they sleep for sometime standing up becomes difficult.

Of course, there are other things to consider when talking about relief for spinal arthritis pain…

The seniors often avoid standing up for little works attributable to the pain. The painful events continue to ruin your life all the time. Even when they don’t stand up due to pain the join pain goes on increasing and can even become severe. With the means of a lift chair the elderly people no longer has to continue such cycle and even doesn’t need a third party’s assistance to stand up all the time. They can stand any time and at any state by just a push of a button. There is no more need of holding hand or elbow of anther person. Lift chairs give the elderly people a sense of their liberty and self dependence.

No one in this world likes to be dependent on another all the time. The older people get back their confidence. Not only does the lift chair helps in standing up but also provides a comfortable sitting position. The lift chair is electronically mechanized and runs on motor. You aren’t required to pressurize your spinal chord while standing up from sitting position. The press of a button reclines and tilts the lift chair at a comfortable angle from where standing up is far easier. Lift chairs are highly helpful tools for the aged people for whom moving from place to place is a pain. This is extremely safe and secured and assists in relieving pain from arthritis pain.

Relief for spinal arthritis pain

The most common cause of most types of spinal arthritis are the succumbing of the cartilages of the spine through wear and tear, normal aging an injuries to the castanets.

If in the spine the cartilages wear down, this results in friction of the cartilages, pain, swelling, loss, and inflammation of motion in that area. Most of the time when the symptoms are focused especially in the neck and lower back the spinal arthritis is caused by osteoporosis an this kind of arthritis almost always develops when we age. What starts as a mild spinal pain, neck or lower back pain will increase if the fraction between the cartilages also increases this happens because of degeneration of the cartilages. The pain is almost always more severe in the morning and the evening.

A poor diet in combination with spinal arthritis symptoms can make this age related condition worse. Most people are more focused om the health of internal organs but overlook the impact of the diet and their general cartilage and bone health. It is a well known fact that an increase of calcium by drinking low fat or skim milk or calcium supplements can reduce some symptoms of spinal arthritis.

So watching your diet is a thing we ought to do when we experience the first symptoms of spinal arthritis. It probably won’t stop the disease from developing and evolving but it can slow it down.

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Just remember that allthough spinal arthritis is a disease that is linked to age it doesn’t say that you can not suffer from it when your young.