Revealing Information About Natural Cure For Arthritis Of The Neck

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Natural Cure For Arthritis Of The Neck: Expanding The Circle

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According to figures compiled by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a division of the National Institutes of Health, as many as 62% of all adults use some kind of alternative therapy. 33% of them suffer from back pain, joint pain, arthritis, or neck pain.

FAQ’s: Anyone know this type of arthritis?
I was diagnosed with arthritis about a year and a half ago by a chiropractor, but he didn't tell me what type of arthritis I have. It is in my back and neck, specifically T 4-6 and I can't remember exactly where in my back. Because my husband has been out of work due to injury and he was carrying the health insurance, I have been without treatment (other than OTC meds) for the last 18 months. I'm trying to research homeopathic and natural treatments, but until I know what type of arthritis I have, I'm at a stand still. Does anyone else have arthritis in their back and neck and know what kind that is? I know I need to go to the rheumetologist as it is getting worse and worse, but I just can't right now, there's not stretch in my budget. I really need some relief! I was told it was caused by undiagnosed, untreated scoliosis and some because of hereditary issued (my maternal grandmother has Lupus and maternal great-grandmother had RA). I currently stretch when I can, my husband (trained paramedic) give me adjustments and I take BC Powder. I'm in my mid-20's and am sick of the pain and fatigue and the numerous ways it is affecting/complicating my life…..any suggestions would be great! I have had a set of comprehensive x-rays-done by the Chiropractor-It wasn't a guess, he actually showed me the arthritis shadowing on the x-rays

  • Since you're been researching homeopathic and natural treatments, I'll share a bit about homeopathy in the context of your health concern. Despite myriad manifestations of arthritis, important to a homeopath is the person who has arthritis, rather than the "diagnosis." While some health problems at appropriate for self-help care, you won't be able to find a remedy to help your problem long-term. Ideally, you need to be under the "constitutional" care of a homeopath. Emotional stress plays a big part in the appearance and healing of physical symptoms. Even if conventionally considered arthritis (which literally means inflammation of a joint), and despite what your x-rays reveal, I've seen homeopathy resolve the pain and inflammation and prevent similar problems from getting worse. I've also seen problems considered "irreversible" improve. The homeopath has many "symptoms" (that we don't think of as symptoms) available to find the homeopathic remedy that will stimulate your cure.

  • There are over 100 different types of Arthritis. However, first you need a blood test to rule in or out RA, Lupus and so on. Then you will need x-rays of your spine, to determine what damage if any has been done. Then you need to see a Rheumatologist. Unless the Chiropractor did an x-ray, he/she is only guessing. After all the tests you might find out you have Fibro . Best of Luck

  • Living with chronic back pain is not fun. I dont know if I would hold on to that diagnosis from a chiropractor with out X-rays and blood work. You may want a second opinion. I know you dont have the money but sometimes you just have to pay later and solve the problem now. Good luck

  • There is no known cure for arthritis, so if you’re suffering from arthritis and a natural remedy is recommended to you, beware the quack doctor who believes that your arthritis will disappear entirely. Many natural remedies haven’t yet been studied in great detail. The definition of ‘natural’ is still debatable.

    Natural Cure For Arthritis Of The Neck???

    Of course synthetic drugs are important and have saved many lives. There are often new breakthroughs in medicine that bring hope and help for the sick. This is great. But do we need to use synthetic drugs for all of our ailments.

    However, there are still many people who believe that natural health would be considered a ‘quack’. Most people and doctors don’t even consider natural treatments as an option for our health with this stigma. But, research is now showing that numerous natural remedies are just as effective as many synthetic medications and surgeries.

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