Revealing Information About Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercise

To find out the exact reason why you’re experiencing a stiff knee after running, you need to talk to a doctor. Your doctor will perform a review of the knee and will do an x-ray of the common to get to the heart of the matter. The course of action and treatment that will be recommended to you’ll rely on the condition of your knee and your own general health. – This is general information, of course, but needs to be considered before we move on…

An injured ligament can cause pain as well as a stiff knee after running. Unfortuntaley, an injured ligament can result in increased discomfort and oedema (swelling). If the result of the stiffness in the knee is an injured ligament, then the doctor will prescribe rest and maybe a knee brace when you walk or exercise to help prevent further injury. The meaningful support that these braces can provide can actually help reduce your pain as well and i’ll give you a sense of confidence as well. This improved sense of confidence is a consequence of knowing that your knee feels more stable, as a consequence of wearing a well designed knee brace.

There are more than 200 types of arthritis – and a staggering nine million people suffer from this debilitating disease in the UK alone. Arthritis is now the most common long-term health condition, affecting one in five adults and 12,000 children. It is thought to cost the NHS and social services about £5.5 billion a year, and one in four visits to GPs is said to be linked to the disease. Arthritis, or inflammation of the joints, can have a wide …

Runners often are prone to injury of the knee and like several other athletes, are often advised to bring a knee brace to prevent these injuries from occurring.


This is an incurable condition that may have an impact on anyone-it isn’t just limited to older people. It is similar to arthritis but attacks the knees, gradually weakening the cartilage. Contrary to popular belief, osteoarthritis doesn’t discriminate against anyone, owing to their age.

Treatment for this condition ranges from wearing a brace and using anti-inflammatory drugs to surgery, depending on the age of the individual who has this condition as well as the serious nature of the problem. However, surgery is often the last resort after more conservative treatment has been exhausted.

QUESTION: Best hot tub for rheumatoid arthritis sufferer?
My husband has rheumatoid arthritis and we would like to buy a hot tub for exercise and relief for his joints? Anyone recommend a particular type or brand? What should we look for? Thanks.

  • dry saunas work best for me. most gyms have those.

  • I would look for a company who works hand in hand with The Arthritis Foundation. A company who's goals are to provide real therapy to arthritis sufferers. In the spa business all brands will claim their tub is therapeutic… when in all actuality its the complete opposite. I would encourage checking out the Hot Spring Spa. Very therapeutic, super energy efficient, very easy to take care of. They truly are the best selling spa in the industry. Good Luck.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is an automobile-immune disease in which the body actually attacks itself unlike other types of arthritis. It can affect anyone of any age, including children. It is thought to become a hereditary disease so children who complain about a stiff knee after running often should be made to a pediatrician, particularly if they have a parent with this condition. R.A. (Rheumatoid arthritis) can be interpreted with the use of medication and a knee brace for support.

    Only a doctor can diagnose the reason for a stiff knee after running. If you’re diagnosed with one of these conditions, your doctor should want to address the matter cautiously, rather than rush into surgery. Knee surgery isn’t always successful, carries some risks and also takes months of rehab before the knee can go back in action. Moreover, it is also extremely costly. What happens when your insurance doesn’t cover a substantial knee surgery? – This is something to consider as well.

    An invasive surgical procedure should be your last option for treatment when it is a question of a stiff knee after running. That too, it should only be considered after more conservative treatment options such as anti-inflammatory drugs (speak with your doctor), knee braces and exercises have been exhausted.