Rheumatism Treatment Of Ringworm

As hard as it may be to believe, ringworm can affect your pets. Ringworm in dogs and cats is more frequent than you might think. Worse yet, it is also possible for your cat to pass it onto you, but do not freak out, it’s rarely the case.

And while the thought of ringworm may not become a pleasant one, it really is not a worm though, it’s a fungus. Let’s take a more closely at how ringworm gets started in your pets to begin with and measures to look out for.

Rheumatism treatment of ringworm

There are fundamentally three forms of ringworm in dogs or cats. Every breed of dog or cat is susceptible to getting it. One type is present in rats. How can that affect my dog or cat? If your pet were to affect the rat, or dig around in its home, it could easily get ringworm. Another type is in the soil. And the third type is present in cats only.