Rheumatoid Arthritis Acid Alkaline Diet

Many people have heard about the benefits of the alkaline diet for improving health, however, some benefits of this diet remain relatively obscure. Few people are conscious of evidence which indicates that this diet may contribute to reduce joint and muscle pain, for instance. In this article, I want to briefly discuss two studies which support the benefits of the alkaline diet for reducing joint pain in people who suffer from low back pain and rheumatic arthritis.

Vegetarian diet. Some individuals describe improvement in symptoms. However, evidence happens to be combined. One small research of people with RA showed improvement in four weeks, and follow-up studies of the people who remained the diet plan presented improvements after one and two years.

You can’t ignore this fact

So what evidence is there that the alkaline diet can help to reduce pain? Well, in one study, 37 rheumatoid arthritis sufferers were arbitrarily assigned to one of two groups. Those in the first group were given 30g of an alkalizing mineral supplement each day. Those in the second group didn’t receive any supplements. The result? Those who took the alkalizing mineral supplement had significantly less pain than those in the monitoring group.

A second study involved two patients who suffered from chronic low back pain. The participants were given an alkaline mineral supplement, as in the preceding study. (In contrast to the previous study, there was no control group– everyone who participated received the supplement.) Four weeks later, the average patient noted that his or her back pain had decreased by a substantial 49 percent.

Although these studies involved alkaline mineral supplements, not dietary changes, they do suggest that adhering to an alkaline diet can be beneficial for reducing the pain and discomfort associated with many inflammatory conditions.