Rheumatoid Arthritis And Food Intolerances

If you’re one of the 30 per cent of the population throughout the world that suffers from food intolerance you no longer have to suffer and there’s hope to the maintenance of a normal healthy life. There is ways to handle the food intolerance headaches, chronic pain, weight battles, fatigue, and other problems that are generally caused by food intolerance.

Unfortunately many individuals suffer from food intolerance and do not even know it. Food intolerance in most people develops fairly quickly and can be mistaken for other illnesses or conditions. This commonly occurs when your diet is made up of the same ingredients which often lead to your immune system being overloaded by too many of the same thing. When this happens your body will form food intolerance to that particular item, owing to the repetitive actions of eating the same foods over and over.

If you have food intolerance your body will let you know with a range of ailments such as acne, food intolerance headache, psoriasis, migraines, gastro-intestinal ailments, autoimmune diseases, flatulence, rheumatic arthritis, weight gain, and many other types of ailments. Food intolerance to certain foods can also be genetically inherited. Regardless of the reason for your food intolerance there are ways to help improve it as well as your overall health which will help to alleviate the food intolerance headache and other types of ailments that are caused by the food intolerance.

You can help to eliminate chronic symptoms due the food intolerance by identifying the foods that are causing the problems and remove them from your diet completely. If the food intolerance in your life is healthy foods that you need to remain in shape try to substitute them with similar foods without the same ingredients. It may not be easy to stop eating the foods you love but in order to halt the problem you’ll need to modify your eating habits all together.

Many people confuse food intolerance with food allergies due to more of the symptoms being the same but they’re actually two different conditions. Some of the more severe symptoms that can occur is diarrhea, nausea, emesis and severe cramping. Normally people who’ve food allergies will notice a problem right away and if not treated immediately it can be life threatening depending on the way in which severe the allergic reaction is. Hives or breathing problems after eating foods such as peanuts or strawberries are considered food allergies.

Food intolerances in many people are even delayed so it would perhaps be hard to pinpoint what foods are causing the problem so keep track of all new foods that you eat. If you often have headaches it could serve as a food intolerance headache and a signal that you indeed are eating something that isn’t agreeing with your stomach properly. By keeping track of what you’re eating you’ll be able to understand what the foods are that is making you sick and eliminate them completely from your diet which will reduce the number of pain that you’re experiencing and enable you to be healthy once again.

Rheumatoid arthritis and food intolerances