Si Joint Pain Early Pregnancy

The entire body undergoes so many changes during pregnancy that pain in one way, or the second is quite normal. Shoulder pain represents one of them.

Studies have found that more than 20 to 30 percent of women have experienced this type of pain during pregnancy.

Si joint pain early pregnancy

Sometimes, the result of the pain can be linked directly to some problem in the shoulder, and in others the actual source of pain could be in a different part of the body, like the abdomen, but the pain is felt in the shoulder.

Shoulder pain during pregnancy is one problem that you should never ignore. You should consult your obstetrician to identify the cause, and strictly follow the instructions provided by your doctor. Maintaining a good body weight and the correct posture can prevent the pain from occurring due to minor reasons.

In most of the cases, back pain is caused due to the issues of the posture. Therefore, having a right posture tops the list of preventive measure that are to be followed to prevent backache. You should sit, drive and sleep in a comfortable position.

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