Signs Of What Does Arthritis In Hands Look Like

Raising four children she, of course, had to hold our hands. She tried so hard not to let’s know how painful it was but, we knew she was in constant pain.

I always felt bad for my Mom and Dad because holding hands was something they missed. It was hard for her to knit or crochet. These she loved to do.

Signs of what does arthritis in hands look like

Walking, bending or standing for any period of time was so painful for her. We learned as small children, I, and my brothers, to do what ever we could to help around the house.

In 1980, the last year she suffered from Arthritis, my Mom spent an average of $40.00 Month on miscellaneous drugs, $30.00 For a monthly doctor appointment and $30.00 On pain killers. Thats a total of $100.00 A month. I wish she could have spent that money on something she liked to do instead.

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Doctor after doctor told her that there existed no cure for arthritis and that she should,  Take this medication, go home and get to live with it. One doctor predicted that she ‘d be in a wheel chair within 5 years.

She spent many years researching arthritis, and put together this incredible program,  I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too, that shows you in easy to follow steps how you can do whatever she did at home, and without drugs.

I know this may sound too nice to be true. But she did it… My Mom has gone through what you’re going through right now. She has now been living Pain Free from Arthritis for 25 years.

My Mom, Margie Garrison, is known on the World Wide Web (and elsewhere) as The Arthritis Lady  and is now doing something she likes  to do. She spends most of her time answering thousands of emails and phone calls from people who suffer with arthritis. She answers questions and helps solve problems.

But of course everything in life cannot follow a definite pattern, since in some patients, they actually get a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis before actually developing a skin condition. This can make diagnosing the condition a little more difficult. Unfortunately far too many patients suffer with either the arthritis or the psoriasis for way too long before figuring out that they two go together.

My friend raved to me about how your book helped him. He had taken so much Cortisone until his doctor balked at giving it to him. My friend said he spends many painful, sleepless nights, and that his life was pure misery. Now, some five months later, he has no pain, and sleeps very well. He has lost some 40 pounds and feels 20 years younger.

Margie Garrisons  I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too: is a note worthy milestone in the area of alternative treatment modalities.

I agree with Margie that with exercise, proper nutrition, and a positive mental attitude, is not just it possible to cure  arthritis but also prevent it.

I have used it in my practice and highly recommend it. The pathway to health is up to each individual. You can be  Free of arthritis by following Margies techniques.

If you’re searching for relief from your arthritis pain, try this program. My Mom is living proof that you dont have to take medication, go home and get to live with arthritis.