Sore Joints In Hands Postpartum

Developing sore hands is one of the more uncomfortable conditions to deal with. Since ones hands are in continual use, one is constantly informed of the pain and discomfort that ensues due to this condition. There are several factors which could help to the emergence of sore hands and it is from these factors that the modalities of treatment can be determined.

Sore hands, it has been found, are a common occurrence in those who use the computer for long hours. Similarly, this condition is also recognized to make way in pianists, violinists, manual laborers, hairdressers, sculptors, artists, dentists and typists. Basically, any profession that requires one to use their hands excessively and constantly puts people at risk of developing soreness in their hands. Along with that, the emergence of this condition during pregnancy and menopause is known to be quite common as well. One can also develop sore hands and feet as a natural postpartum and postnatal effect. If one suffers from conditions like arthritis, obesity and broken bones in the palm or wrist, or has joint pain-he or she may develop this condition as well.

Another factor that has to be considered is that, the emergence of these symptoms could also mean that one is suffering from a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition comes about when the median nerve of the wrist is inflamed due to thickened ligaments over the nerve and/or due to repetitive movements. Medical conditions like menopause, obesity and diabetes as well as pregnancy could put one at the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sore joints in hands postpartum

Obese people are easily prone to joint related conditions. Maintaining a healthy weight can help to reduce the load on joints. It has been observed that weight loss not only reduces joint pain but also avoids osteoarthritis which can occur over years based upon recent research.

Sometimes a doctor might prescribe a cortisone injection, so as to reduce the swelling in the wrist.

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Covering one’s hands to prevent them warm during the night’s a good treatment for sore hands and can even prevent the condition from making a comeback.

Being aware of what sore hands feel like and how to prevent them can actually help one from being affected by this painful condition. So the next time you drive your hands around like a slave driver, think about what it is going to be done in order to them.

QUESTION: Achy bones and joints postpartum?
I expected to be slightly sore…I mean after all your body just did quite a feat…however, I did not expect SUCH aches in my back and in all my joints…my knees, my hands, etc. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I am 4 weeks out almost…and I will defiantly ask my doctor this also at my 6 week check up…but until then….your help would be amazing!!!:)

  • Totally normal. While you were still pregnant, your body secreted a substance called "relaxin" (possibly spelled wrong) so that your pelvis could open to let the baby come out, but it effects all your joints, not just the pelvis. It's going to take a while for all your joints to tighten back up. It took months for me to stop creaking and popping so much. A few years ago, I was in a car accident that messed up my shoulder, and just holding my baby in that arm could pop my shoulder from its socket. OUCH! But you're normal, and it will go away eventually.