Spinal Arthritis Natural Remedies

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. One or more joints can be affected by arthritis. There are as many as one hundred different forms of arthritis. Some of the arthritis conditions are the product of accidents or injuries that cased a tearing of cartilage. The wearing of cartilage can also can arthritic conditions. An overactive immune system caused arthritis known as rheumatoid arthritis or RA.

Symptoms of arthritis can range from severe, including crippling and extreme pain to minor affecting one joint with minimal swelling and pain. Inflammation causes stiffness, swelling, redness, and warmth to the effected joints. Tenderness and soreness can cause using the joint to be painful and uncomfortable. If you have experienced these symptoms than you’re probably in the search for a solution, there are a number of natural solutions for arthritis. Arthritis can be resolved through the use of herbal remedies for arthritis. These remedies have been discovered to be quite successful. There are natural health professionals that will be in a position to give you extra help in choosing the correct herbs and doses for your symptoms and body. Using herbs as a remedy for arthritis needs to be done with the guidance of a professional as the mixture of various medications and herbs can be unwise. Here are some herbs that have been usually known to relieve arthritic conditions.

Ginger, Stinging Nettles, Kapura (Cinamonum Camphora), Feverfew, Cat’s Claw,, Chinese Thunder god Vine, and Willow Bark are all known to relieve arthritis symptoms. These symptoms can be crippling but through the employment of herbs the pain and swelling can be relieved.

Spinal arthritis natural remedies

If you’re looking for herbal pain relief for arthritis, you may end up settling for traditional pain medications because herbal remedies can be confusing to use. You hear people all the time saying that herbs is the right way to go if you would like to the root of your problem. This may be well and good but with so many natural remedies for pain relief on the market, how can you decide what is really effective for arthritis pain.

QUESTION: Arabian and Arthritis?
I own a 10 yr old pure bred Arabian that has recently develop Arthritis in her neck and I been wondering on how to get rid of it for her. Is there some kind of medicine like over the counter or some kind of natural herb we can try with her. Any Advice? Thank You!

  • Since it takes some fairly extensive diagnostics to identify arthritic conditions affecting the neck joints, I am wondering if this was actually diagnosed as arthritis? I would think that if that were the case, the attending vet would be doing the prescribing of treatments, since this can be a very debilitating condition and correct treatment may make the difference between a horse who is completely crippled and one who can still live a useful life. Oral joint supplements are not the typical treatment of choice for this, nor are unproven nutraceuticals like herbal remedies. I don't know whether this is just neck stiffness that has been assumed to be arthritic, or if there are the typical neurologic signs that accompany many arthritic conditions affecting the inter-vertebral joints. There may be a number of explanations for stiffness in the horse's neck that have nothing to do with arthritis. Both spinal nerve compressions and cord compression can be associated with progressive arthritic conditions affecting the vertebrae of the neck, so it is important to get an accurate diagnosis asap. If this hasn't been evaluated by a competent equine vet, then it should be, and the vet should be the one managing treatment.

  • Arthritis doesn't go away. Don't try to self medicate her because I know someone who did and almost killed their horse. Talk to a vet about supplements that can help with the arthritis.

  • I agree totally with the above answer, without a vets advice on how much to give of otc meds, you are playing with fire. There are meds through a vet you can give to help her, especially a shot which I can't remember the name, but I'm sure your vet can tell you. My friend is using it on her old mule with excellent results. Did you have xrays or mri done of her neck? How did they figure this out?

  • It is never curable, but you might find that giving her glucosamin with chondroitin (not sure of the spelling) will help but tell the pharmacist it is to relieve joint pain. Ask the vet about the doseage. My mother swears by it, but it can be given to horses. Also feed some codliver oil in the feed to help with the joint flexibility. Or other oily foods such as flax seed and olive oil. It might take some time to work, but you should see a difference. After a couple of days off the oils or medication, you would see a turn for the worse. Keep her warm.

  • Arthritis in the neck? Never heard of that especially not in such a young horse. What makes you think that?? Have you had a vet look at her or a chiropractor?

  • You can't get rid of arthritis. You can only treat the symptoms.

  • Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce swelling and pain. Ginger can be taken as in tincture, as a capsule, as a tea or fresh. Ginger can also be cooked in foods and the anti-inflammatory properties of the ginger can improve the support of the one enjoying the food. Ginger cookies, various breads that are carried out with a ginger flavoring and some dishes are all beneficial.

    The using of Stinging Nettles for their medicinal properties dates all the way back to Biblical times. The nettles can be gently steamed and eaten. The Stinging Nettles can likewise be prepared in a tea. This herb contains natural histamines that bring relief to swelling. Karpura (Cinamonum Camphora) is another herbal remedy for arthritis. Karpura can be rubbed into a joint that is inflamed from arthritis affected and it will work to alleviate the swelling and pain.

    Herbs can be prepared in salad dressings and eaten with a salad daily. They can also be brewed and drank as a tea. These herbs and many others have been discovered to relieve the pain and inflammation of the joints that is associated with arthritis.