Tendonitis Shoulder Therapy Plan

If you lift anything with your arm, the force is pressing in the wrong direction. The rotator cuff group of muscles are designed to keep the ball in the upper part of the upper arm onto the plate or socket that appears on the outer edge of the shoulder blade. These muscles sit tightly around the shoulder forming a cuff of muscle that stabilises the joint. They are all connected to the shoulder blade at one end and the upper arm at each other, and each takes a different route between them depending on which edge of the shoulder they control.

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Rick Lehman, orthopaedic surgeon, medical director, U.S. Center for Sports Medicine, former team physician: Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, St. Louis Blues, St. Louis, Mo. Scott Rodeo,orthopaedic surgeon, co-chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, Hospital For Special Surgery, associate team physician, New York Giants Football, New York, N.Y. Yankees pitcher Bartolo Colon reportedly received a novel stem cell remedy to treat his ailing shoulder and elbow, and has since returned to pitching. Ira Flatow and guests discuss the use of such …

FAQ’s: What can cause my right shoulder to start to pop, after I had two surgeries on my left one?
I have been in therapy for about a year now due to a rotator cuff infringement and bicep tendonitis. I just recently had surgery, again, on my left shoulder for the tendonitis. After about three weeks healing I started therapy again, and now my right shoulder has violent popping when I lift it at about a 45 degree angle. It is such a hard pop that it noticably jerks my shoulder. It only hurts depending on the position I am in when it pops. If anyone has been through this and can give me an idea of what is wrong and how I can fix it, please help.

  • i've had the same problem , i had surgery on both shoulders now ,and going to have to have surgery on the left one again , as soon as work comp settles , they refuse to pay for me to even get a diagnosis at this point , when the first settlement they agreed to pay all medical the rest of my life , now its in court again , to get them to pay

  • do you have hairy palms ????

  • Sounds like the right shoulder to picking out the slack for your lack of use and power in the left one. Let your physical therapist know so you can learn the proper exercises to help strengthen your left shoulder so the work to both is equalized.