The Latest About Arthritis Support Bracelet

Arthritis is a common problem for many people. There are over 100 different types of arthritis. Many people are seeking ways to assist with this painful condition. For some, turning to alternative type treatment is the answer they have been looking for. Many people have questions about Arthritis Bracelets & How Do They Work? It is beleief that copper can relieve the pain of arthritis. This is a very old, tradition that incorporates the view that if the body absorbs copper, it will diminish the pain caused by arthritis. Although not a proven remedy, many people have attempted to use arthritis bracelets and believe that it is a viable solution to their pain.

Arthritis bracelets can be located in almost any health food store or on-line. These arthritis bracelets aren’t shown to be effective in the treatment of arthritis. That being said, it should also be said that not much research has been made into the utilization of copper, either in the arthritis bracelets or as a treatment plan. There are even some places that will sell copper lotion to rub on the skin besides the arthritis bracelets that are made out of copper. Keep in mind when purchasing a copper bracelet, that these can also turn the skin green. Again, none of these treatments have had any clinical studies done to show if they actually work or not.

Another form of arthritis bracelets is the balance bracelet. This is an ionized bracelet that is supposed to assist with the pain of arthritis. A company that was actively marketing this bracelet was investigated and fined for false advertising. Beware of companies that claim unbelievable success rates in reducing pain with arthritis bracelets.

Magnetic arthritis bracelets are yet another treatment for arthritis. These are again based on century old theories that involve the use of magnets to obtain the body in balance. The magnetic bracelets are thought to use the North and South poles magnetic fields to establish a balance that will re-charge the body to heal. There is, again no true scientific data to support this claim, however, there are people who feel better while wearing magnetic bracelets.

Magnets are also used in the production of arthritis bracelets. Magnets produce magnetic fields that are felt to aid pain relief in several ways. The most studied use of magnets and pain relief focuses on the magnets ability to change the role of cells in the body. This change is felt to have anti-inflammatory potential.

Magnets may also have an impact on the ways cells grow and how long they live. The magnets are felt to rejuvenate the cells around the joints that have become inflamed. This ability to stimulate new cell growth is now being studied in depth by many medical centers.

Crazy Things About Arthritis Support Bracelet

The idea behind arthritis bracelets is nothing new and is steeped in folklore. Whether or not these types of intervention have a lasting impact on a person with arthritis is certainly not known. There does not appear to be any adverse reaction for most people with these types of bracelets, and if relief is thought to occur, then appears to be no reason to try this fold remedy for pain relief.