The Truth About Arthritis In Hands At Age 30

The search for arthritis pain relief is becoming more commonplace, as the ‘baby boom’ generation comes of age. This growing need in the marketplace has led to many products claiming’ we can draw away your arthritis pain and change your life’.

Arthritis pain relief methods range from drugs on the one hand, to a focus on entirely natural ingredients on the other. This article is about completely relieving arthritis pain from the last point of view. In my view, natural is always best and most emphatically the safest. You want to nourish your system, not override or suppress it. You want to cure the problem, not bury the symptoms.

We are reviewing a product called Supple-The Answer to Arthritis Pain in a Delicious Drink. The promoters claim it contains ‘powerful ingredients discovered by over 13 million people to naturally rebuild cartilage and relieve the symptoms of arthritis’.

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Arthritis divided into inflammatory and degenerative diseases as the nature of joint damage.

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The idea is that you drink one bottle per day and they claim that ‘you should feel a great difference within 7 days and better every week’. They give a 30 day money back guarantee. However, I notice from the ‘fine print’ that to obtain it you must call their Customer Satisfaction Dept for a Return Authorisation Number and there is a time limit of one return event per person. Perfectly reasonable I suppose.

So what are the benefits of Supple, as opposed to arthritis pain relief in tablet or capsule form? It is well known today that our bodies absorb far more of any nutrient product if taken in liquid organic, preferably colloidal, form, rather than tablets. More efficient absorbtion means greater beneficial effect.

The two best known ingredients for arthritis pain relief are glucosamine and chondroitin. Many products contain these items but not in a form that the entity can best use. Combine this with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and you’ve a synergistic combination to help your autoimmune system heal and nourish inflamed joints.

The Supple website is very colourful and informative. It even has videos you can watch. They explain how their product works and provide testimonials. There is likewise a page explaining why their ingredients are superior, so much so, that they claim their ‘breakthrough formulation’ provides ‘pharmaceutical strength’ arthritis pain relief in a natural product that avoids the risks inherent with drugs.