Things To Compare About Arthritis Medicine Methotrexate

Patients suffering from arthritis have to undergo a variety of treatments which includes medication. There are over 100 medications that are presently being used to treat arthritis. However medicines at this time can only help those suffering from arthritis, and not serve as a cure. The medicines can be used in order to reduce pain, improve joint mobility, decrease flare-ups and reduce inflammations. The aim of this paper is to present an insight into 4 major types of medicines that can be utilized by arthritis patients.

Biologic response modifiers (BRMs) are progressively being employed in the treatment of arthritis. They were used to treat severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis, however now they have assumed a new role and serve to treat patients in the early days of arthritis, so to prevent profound injury to the joints. Although many people with rheumatoid arthritis find BRMs effective, it is not yet suited for everyone with arthritis. The downside of these products is that they’re expensive and may not be given through injections or infusion.

A new ‘smart’ drug which could transform the lives of arthritis sufferers may be on the shelves in six months. The drug, tocilizumab, is being hailed by scientists as a major breakthrough in saving rheumatoid arthritis patients from worsening pain and disability. Trials have shown that the drug is three times more effective at halting the progression of the auto-immune disease than the current standard therapy. Scientists claim it can improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis by 20 per cent after six …

Biologic reaction modifiers (BRMs) are used concerning the treatment of arthritis. They were used to treat serious situations of arthritis, however now they have believed a new part and serve to treat individuals in the initial stages of arthritis, so to avoid highly effective harm to the combined parts. Although many individuals with arthritis find BRMs efficient, it is not yet suitable for everyone with arthritis. The disadvantage of these products is that they’re expensive and may not be given through shots or infusion.

All medicines contain some side effects. Also these side effects may differ from patient to patient. Many patients undertaking arthritis related medicines experience certain side effects such as stomach pain. Nevertheless arthritis medicines can be very powerful and can have a profound impact on the body. There are certain approaches, with a view to reduce minimize the side effects. It is important to take in order to take medicines according to instructions such as 2 times in the day. Your doctor must be constantly supervising you so that he or she can be seen whether the intake is going according to the plan. Another important aspect to take into account is that the advantages of taking the medicine shall be weighed against the harm of not taking them. Arthritis can get worse if no medication is taken.

The Best Part Of Arthritis Medicine Methotrexate

The reason so many medicines for arthritis has been produced is scheduled to meet specific demand of arthritis patients. Also using one can have side effects. Therefore the range of medicines allows a person to choose ones that gives least side effects to him or her. Before you start taking any medicine, it is critical to you to contact your family so to great a grip of the current situation and choose the medicine that best caters to your needs. Additionally, it is very important among pregnant women to consult their doctors. Some medicines contain strong side effects and can be damaging to the baby. Therefore it is essential in order to adjust medication in such cases.

QUESTION: Has anyone become pregnant while their partner was taking methotrexate?
If so, how did the pregnancy turn out? I want a family, but my boyfriend is on methotrexate (very low weekly doses) for rheumatory arthritis (RA), and as of now, there is no alternative medicine for him to use, without causing him to be unable to function in everyday life. I have read that methotrexate lowers sperm count/mobility. I understand that the research is inconclusive as to the risks of exposure to methotrexate on a developing fetus, and some doctors aren't concerned about the possibility of birth defects if it is the male that is taking the methotrexate. Anyone with any info would be greatly appreciated!

  • you know i have to be honest, i don't know the effects on men BUT i do know the effects on women, i was on methotrexate for a while and i didn't know i was pregnant until i had cramps one night and had to go to the hospital, i found out that my body was pushing the baby out, so i had lost my baby… i know the side effects of mtx so i can just imagine what would happen to a baby… i would not recommend trying to get pregnant while your boyfriend is still taking mtx, if you guys want to have a baby you should see if there are 'healthier' alternatives to mtx… since that time (2004) i've not taken mtx and have given birth to a beautiful baby boy 2005 and am pregnant with my third (due Oct.7)… and i haven't taken anything for the RA… hope things work out for you guys

  • Yes, taking MTX can cause low sperm count. However, this does not mean that you can not get pregnant. You may want to contact the manufacture of the company and ask some more information or go online and research this information. is a great website.

  • WHAT? What is that?

  • From what I have read there are no justifiable means to prove or disprove sterility to men on the medication, unless they are on a high dose useage in chemotherapy. If anything get him to to get a sperm count and check the results. Otherwise, have fun trying and when it is time you may be able to concieve when it is best. The good news is there are no findins of birth defects onthe fetus when the father is taking methotexate.

  • If men who are addicted to street drugs i.e. cocaine, meth, etc. can have normal children then I think that your guy's low dose of methotrexate is not that big of a deal. It is, however, a gamble when taking ANY medication. That is where you need to decide if the benefit of taking the medication is greater than being without. No medication is best but if it's necessary to take it then that's what you need to live with. Statistically your chances are so slim to have anything happen thru his sperm. If you were taking it and it was going directly into the baby's blood stream then I would worry a whole lot more. Good luck.