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Treatment of pain in the joints should take into consideration what is causing the pain in the former place. There is no sense in just treating the symptom, as it will happen again unless the root cause is removed. It can be caused by many things, sports injuries from mild to severe health problems. A significant number of people who accuse pains in the joints with arthritis in one of its many forms. Treatment of pain in the joints shouldn’t be neglected, because nothing good will happen. The pain doesn’t go away unless you do anything about it and, indeed, will worsen.

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QUESTION: can pscoratic arthritis be detected in the rt hip only? i don't have pain anywhere else.?
an mri showed arthritis and i have seen an ra dr once for a first visit, but have questions. could it be something else? i am only 33 and dont have a history of any steroids, maybe advil once in a while. the pain from the flare-up was a 15 out of 10. i am a reasonably active person. i also in the past few months had long ridges in my nails, they looked like i had both my hands shut in a door

  • very remote possibility psoriatic arthritis usually affect the big toe, then small joints of feet & hand, then ankles & then knees. few questions plz: how old are you? & does psoriasis affect your nails? if you are above 60, then you may very well have "Osteoarthritis" of the hip if you are young then there is a condition called ( avascular necrosis) which is associated with few conditions like prolonged use of steroid. addendum check out this study from mayo clinic Conclusions: Psoriatic hip arthropathy occurs infrequently in PsA and is associated with earlier onset of arthritis and psoriatic spondylitis. Bilateral hip involvement and rapid progression to hip arthroplasty are common

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