Treatment For Degenerative Arthritis In Feet

There are different causes of arthritis. Some of its common causes are hormonal imbalance, heredity, physical and emotional stress, and structural shifts in the articular cartilage in the joints.

Treatment of arthritis through medication: It is deemed to be the traditional treatment for arthritis. Doctors prescribe one or two medicines depending upon the severity of arthritis.

Many of my patients (and even more of my relatives) tell me that their arthritis pain is affected by weather. More remarkably, for many the joint symptoms precede weather changes. Often my patients say they are better at predicting weather than the weatherman. Could that be true, or is it another well-accepted, untested medical myth? Perhaps it’s just a commentary on the accuracy of our meteorologists? There have been attempts to study how weather affects symptoms of joint disease. The results …

Injections into a joint: Several types of injections are there which can be given locally into the joint. Painful joint local steroid injections can be used, for specific.

Let’s take a step back

Natural treatments: Now days the majority of the people are interested in natural treatments rather than going for traditional medications or joint injections. There are several options for natural treatment. They are known as alternative treatments. Though they’re very popular but not fully endorsed for its safety and effectiveness.

FAQ’s: Osteoarthritis/degenerative arthritis treatments?
I have degenerative arthritis in a disk in my lower back. Does anyone else have this or know someone who does? What treatments are available? Is there anything I can do to heal it, besides just treating the pain? What has worked for you?

  • An 80 year old lady told me to use baby oil [ I had cortizone at 4 to 8 pounds per shot, I had Ibuphrofen until my stomach was an ulcer mess, then I had baby aspirin with yogart and buttermilk until stomach well, then I had [ other med to no help to Bextra until my heart was flying away ], the baby aspirin and baby oil works, I put pads around ankles, knees, wrist and on bottom of feet with feet in plastic bags and soak all with baby oil, even make shirts for shoulders out of diapers and put on diapers and soak them with baby oil, it will unfreeze my joints, arms can be saturated with baby oil with plastic bags over them for a while, from age 35 to 67 and I did not use the baby oil, it really has worked for 5 years. I just do it when and where I need it most now.

  • there are some physical therapies you can attend and they suggest taking pain killers but there is no real treatment. Many people with osteoarthritis just tend to live with the pain, using pain killers. There is surgery that can be done if it gets very bad. If you have a lot of pain, I would suggest accupuncture. I have a condition where my spine is fractured and that has relieved more pain than any pain killers. here's a website about osteoarthritis treatment

  • Treatment options is according to the type of arthritis and include physical and occupational therapy. Medications (symptomatic or targeted at the disease process causing the arthritis).

    Complementary medicines: This type of treatment for arthritis is also extremely popular. It includes regular exercises, yoga, eating nutritious diet, intake of fruits and green vegetables etc.

    Surgical options: Some people are left with no option rather than opting surgical option. This is deemed to be the last resort treatment option.