Treatment Of Si Joint Arthritis

Over 355 million people worldwide have some kind of arthritis. Arthritis comes with over 100 variations of rheumatic disease, early detection and treatment of arthritic disease helps to cure arthritis before the disease causes permanent joint damage. There are seven early warning signs of arthritis. Since arthritis is such an epidemic, affecting over 355 million people worldwide, we should all be aware of the early warning signs.

Joint swelling can be caused by many factors. Arthritis could be the factor responsible for swollen joints. The swelling joints that caused by arthritis mainly due to fluid accumulates in the joints and resulting in painful inflammation.

But, I digress….

You encounter stiffness in and around joints especially in the first morning. The stiffness may lasts from a few moments to an hour in early stage and duration increase as the time goes. You should give attention to this sign and obtain the medical advice because stiffness is one of early warning signs of arthritis.

The presence of a physical therapist or occupational therapist has an enormous impact on the entire arthritis treatment. The therapists help the patient learn more about the arthritis treatment, so the patient creates healthy diet especially for overweight patients. The excess burden of the patient can overstress the inflamed joint. Arthritis treatment is more than taking medicine and hiring therapist. Therapist advice is actually to change a healthier lifestyle such as become familiar with the most effective way and when to rest-sleep is vital regarding treating swelling especially when many joint parts are swollen and exhausted.

You feel abnormal pain and tenderness at your body joints; the pain comes and goes from time to time. It’s better for you to take early diagnosis of the origin of these abnormal pains; the striving can be caused by any potential diseases and arthritis is one of highly potential causes. Hence you shouldn’t look lightly if you have any pain and tenderness occurs on your body joints.

Sometime fatigue or excessive exercise can cause inability to move a joint normally. Under this condition, it is temporary and it will recover after a while. But, if the failure to move a joint normally is unexplained, it should trigger your alert on the potential arthritis.

Redness and warmth in a joint can be either a sign of arthritis inflammation. If you found you have these symptoms, consult a physician for early diagnosis.

You feel your body is too weak and tired, in additional to that you frequently have fever and your weight loss unexplained. Your body has given you sign about something wrong with your body. If these symptoms are combined with joint pain, then it is likely you have faced some kind of arthritis.

If the above symptoms lasting for more than 2 weeks, you shouldn’t take lightly of them, visit a doctor to make an early diagnosis of the problems.

Arthritis is an epidemic that affecting over 355 million people worldwide, you should beware of any sign of arthritis; make diagnosis and treatment to cure the arthritis while the disease still in early stage and before it causes permanent joint damage.