Treatments Types Of Arthritis With Pictures

As soon as you hear the term Arthritis you rightly picture in your mind someone with constant pain and/or stiffness often accompanied by swelling in the joints. That pretty describes it fairly well in a nutshell.

Arthritis, however, is more than that. It actually covers more than 120 different diseases. Classified as either of the rheumatic diseases, Arthritis is generally chronic, meaning that it rarely changes, or progresses very slowly. As it is an unpredictable disease, treatment can be difficult.

However, a recent research and medical claims have proved that arthritis can be effectively treated. In fact, there are several exercises and medicines available on the market, these days for treating arthritis. If you’re not aware of the processing options available for arthritis, here is comprehensive information on all types of treatment options that can be opted for treating various types of arthritis.

Treatments types of arthritis with pictures

It is the leading cause of disability in people aged 15 and older, as well as the most prevalent disability of the working age population. It’s the primary cause of absenteeism.

By eliminating acid foods, such as coffee, sugar, and tea from your diet you can greatly reduce pain and inflammation. Special exercise may help you get pain relief by natural means and increase your mobility.

It is interesting to see, according to one study, that Arthritis pain is processed in the field of your brain concerned with emotions and fear, thus indicating a destination for pain-relieving therapies.

Osteoarthritis is the most frequent type of arthritis, affecting more than 21 million Americans. Some people suffer from arthritis pain in the extremities, though many others also suffer arthritic pain in the spine as well as the hips. Joint fusion is often the preferred surgery for relief of arthritis pain in these smaller joints.