Trick Knee Gives Out

Here are two cases studies that show the impact of the treatment of an unstable knee. John and Pete were both in their 50s when they had their unstable knee diagnosed as a tear in their anterior cruciate ligaments. Each of them liked sports and were active since their childhood. Both of them had years to work before their retirement and had to be able to walk in order that they could get on with their activities of daily living. Neither of them had desk jobs.

Both John and Pete chose different treatments for their unstable knee problem, also referred to as a trick knee. The trick knee had a habit of giving out when they were walking, even if it was not always such a painful condition. Still, both men was aware that the problem had to be addressed.

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The problem with knee pain is that all the hard work you put into working out can waste away, very quickly, if you get an unexpected knee injury in the gym. This kind of knee pain problem can block your motivation to go the gym, because it is harder to go to the work out facility…

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John went to see an orthopaedic surgeon at the behest of his doctor. The surgeon explained to him that the trick knee was attributable to a torn ligament and that it could be corrected with surgery. He explained that the surgery would keep him off work for a year and advised him to seek out disability. John had disability insurance and decided that he would go along with this recommendation. He took a leave of absence from his employment as a carpenter and underwent the surgery.

Trick knee gives out

The surgery for the unstable knee was successful in repairing the ligament. John was in a hospital setting for a few days, during which time he got medication for the pain. When he got home, he had the morphine pump for a week and was then given a painkiller and asked to rest his knee for a couple of months.

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  • He gradually began to feel less pain but was growing ever more dependent on the pain killers after a few weeks. He began rehabilitation. It took him longer to return to work than normal and he revealed that he was on disability for well over a year before returning to work, due to other complications with his health. He developed a dependency to painkillers during this time.

    Pete didn’t have disability insurance and was worried about taking so much time off work. He likewise had the option of going into surgery to help repair his ligament. However, he decided to use a knee support. He realized that this helped to solve his knee instability problems, because his knee didn’t give out nearly as much.

    Using knee braces and on occasion, over the counter medication, he controlled the problem. His physician also suggested that he lose some weight. These he did.

    Today, John is back at work and his knee feels pretty good. But the problem is that his other knee is starting to give him problems now. He found that the year off from work hurt him financially and it was also tough to go back into the swing of work. In addition, he felt that it was very hard to kick the painkiller habit. He is opting for more conservative treatment with the other knee and won’t undergo knee surgery, even though the surgery on his other knee was deemed a success.

    Pete still employs the use of a knee support and takes pain medication once in a while. He also began a swimming program and after working out for 2 months he lost 12 pounds. He feels in better shape than ever and the trick knee doesn’t give him much of a problem at all.

    If you feel like one or other of your knees is unstable, then you should consider taking your stability to the next step with a low profile brace. Knee supports can greatly add to the stability of your knee and can have you looking back six months from now, wondering what you ever did without one.