Understanding Orencia Generic

Buying generic food items is a good way to save money on your grocery store bill every week. � I recommend conducting your own taste test to compare the generic food to the name brand food to determine if there’s a discernable difference between them.

Sibutramine is the generic or chemical name of meridia. Sibutramine is likewise known as sibutramide hydrochloride monohydrate is a oral medication used in the processing for obesity. Sibutramine is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance in the United States.

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Most families spend a few hundred dollars each month on groceries and food items. While food is a must by definition, there are a number of decisions that you will be able to make while you’re at the grocery store than can make a significant difference on what your total grocery bill is each week. One thing to consider is whether to purchase the generic brand of a product or to purchase the most popular name brand. Generally speaking, if you buy the name brand food item or product you’re essentially paying extra for the sales and sale of that item, as the generic brand of the same item will nearly always be cheaper.

medi-cal and actemra?
My mother has severe arthritis, we have tried various treatments such as Rituxan, Remicade, and Orencia and finally Actemra offered her some relief. However, recently the doctor my mother had been seeing retired, a new doctor took his place. The new doctor said that medi-cal would not pay for Actemra and was thus unwilling to administer it. We contacted medi-cal and the person on the phone said she would investigate whether or not medi-cal would pay for Actemra. Its been 2 days and we still have not heard from medi-cal offices. However, maybe someone out there knows if medi-cal will pay for actemra. I hope t get some responses b/c my mother really needs the medicine. Also, I have my suspicions that the doctor for whatever reason does not want to administer the drug.

  • 2 days is not long enough to hear back from Medi-Cal. Sometimes they will authorize payment for a certain drug if the doctor is behind it. The new doctor has to put in a request for Medi-Cal to authorize it on the basis that no other drug will work. I am sorry for your mother's problem. I have osteoarthritis and have used Relafen for 15 years. It is covered by Medi-Cal. If Medi-Cal turns you down, you should ask for a generic drug and if there is none, contact the manufacturer of the drug and ask for help getting it at a lower cost. Good luck.

  • While buying generic foods and products can certainly save you money, I don’t necessarily recommend buying the generic brand for all products. I believe that the most effective way to determine whether to purchase the generic brand of a specific food item or to stay with the name brand is to basically conduct your own taste test at home. I generally only buy generic food items when I have been able to indicate that the generic item tastes at least as good as the name brand. Occasionally a particular generic food item may actually taste better than the original name brand. When this does occur, I believe that it may be more a role of the freshness of the subject as generic products do not normally try to improve the formula of the product.

    In general from the taste tests I have done, the generic brands are usually fairly close to the same standard of quality and therefore you can definitely save some money by substituting the generic item for the name brand item. However, sometimes the generic brand is of significantly lower quality. One example of this situation is a blueberry cream cheese. The Philadelphia brand not only tasted richer but had actually pieces of blueberries mixed in whereas the generic brand did not.