Understanding Supplements Vitamins For Joint Pain Supplements

There are many joint pain relief and or joint health supplements on the market. The main ingredient in the majority of these supplements is glucosamine.

Glucosamine is a compound that the most recent research has proved to be very beneficial to promoting joint healing. This is a most important distinction that should be recognized, when looking at joint pain products. Most over the counter joint pain products are primarily concerned with pain reduction and only pain reduction. Glucosamine promote healing in damaged joints, thus relieving pain in both acute and chronic arthritic conditions.

I could hardly believe it!

Acute pain is an intense pain. These usually occurs when there’s an injury and seeks to go away once treated or healed. Pain usually lasts longer in chronic pain and its intensity could vary from mild to severe.

Are You Serious?

This was only one of many positive experiences I have witnessed over the years. So to answer the question, yes absolutely taking a liquid vitamin glucosamine supplement should help reduce your joint pain.

what's the best, most reputable vitamin/supplement company?
every, what looks like impartial, review of supplements have an agenda. Just looking for reasonable, effective supplements and vitamins for common problems like joint pain and general wellness.

  • Vitamin supplements are best avoided. In the UK at least deficiencies are rare and there is neither need nor therapeutic advantage in taking supplements. Recently there has been increasing concerns about what is effectively overdosing on synthetic vitamins. The fat soluble vitamins are the most potentially toxic, A to the eye, D to the kidney K to the blood clotting mechanism and E appears to increase all cause mortality. The most recent, and one of the most worrying papers concerns women taking multivitamins. There appears to be an associated 19% increase in the risk of breast cancer in women on multivitamin tablets, though further investigation is required to confirm that the risk is causal.

  • Mother nature. Eat normal food.

  • Solgar for multivitamins. It is an excellent brand, reputable & one I would safely recommend. I don't agree with Dr Frank's reply, sorry.We in the UK have a deficinecy od sunlight for example, & recently my mother's GP recommended she take vitamin D supplements for lack of sunlight (sunshine provides Vit D for body). Plus many people rely on fast foods & ready made meals which have hardly any nutrition. Dr Vogel also makes very high quality herbal products from Switzerland that are highly effective from my experience. They really work. I doubt he makes multivitamins but for joint pain he makes Atrosan Devil's Claw tablets for reliving muscle & joint pain.Most good health shops sell it or Booys might even have it. See the link for more info: http://www.avogel.co.uk/health/muscles-joints/joint-pain/

  • Possible the only drawback to adopt a quality liquid vitamin glucosamine supplement is that, owing to nature of how it reduces joint pain, it needs to be taken for three to four months before you start to see joint pain relief. This is because unlike pain killers that cover-up the pain, glucosamine stimulates the joint to heal and restores the joint to its normal condition. When the joint is in better shape it stop stimulating the pain nerve endings. Unfortunately this takes some time, about three to four months.