What Causes Lupus Arthritis

We usually hear about people who suffer from arthritis, but have you never stopped to reflect on what causes it? You hear about how painful it can be especially to older people and you cannot help but wonder if it was going to happen to you. Well, it’s always good to hear what the causes are in hopes to avoid getting arthritis later in life. No one knows the exact cause of this condition but there are 4 major culprits that are related to arthritis which include genetic composition, age, injury, and weight.

Your genes can tell you a great deal about your future. If you know that arthritis runs in the family than you may be likely to experience it. If this is so then it would be more difficult to avoid but not impossible. Many people who do suffer from this painful condition are the first in the family. This tells us that genes are not entirely to blame. There are several additional factors that contribute to arthritis pain some which you can avoid and some that you cannot like age for example.

Just when you thought there wasn’t any more…

After the age of 40 your body becomes very different and this is when most people begin to complain about arthritis pain. This is also referred to as the ‘wear and tear’ disease because it attacks older people with worn out bodies. As you get older the cartilage in your joints start to get weaker and thin out. Cartilage is unable to replace itself causing pain where your bones meet.

Obesity and overweight is also a further reason why many people are aching at the joints. You are most likely to have arthritis if your joints are burdened with extra weight. This is one reason doctors recommend weight loss. Although weight loss won’t completely cure arthritis it does bring some relief. With less strain on the joints weight-loss will greatly reduce part of the pain.

Many people who’ve been in an accident and experienced a broken bone at one time in their life may or may not have arthritis as they age.

So if arthritis runs in your family, you’re over weight and you’re over 40 then chances are you’ll have it likewise. But you do not have to worry if you’ve had an injury because not everyone who’s been hurt will have arthritis.